BREWER: Anarchy Brew Co., Tyne and Wear, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @AnarchyBrewCo

INSTAGRAM: anarchybrewco

DATE OF POST: 21st November 2022



I’m a little at sea with this one. Decent enough brew yeah but a fair amount I wasn’t happy with.

Let’s start positive though…

Out of the great looking tin comes a beer with a cracking mouthfeel and tonnes of flavour considering that it’s only 4.2%. There is a stone fruit undertone with the flavour, though not sweetness of lychee sitting on top. Tasty.

Now my first issue is that this is not a Pale Ale. It say’s that it is. But it is not. It’s WAY too bitter, hoppy and intense for a Pale Ale. It is verging on a West Coast IPA for me. I mean, I’m ok with that, but Anarchy have described it as a Hazy Pale Ale and that, quite simply is not what the drinker gets from their pink tin.

Also, the aftertaste is pleasant, for a bit. However, after a few seconds it becomes very intense and dries out your mouth. Much like after you have eaten a fresh orange. This gacky, cloying thing develops making you NEED to take another sip rather than necessarily want to.

All said though, I did enjoy this beer. I think it has just missed the mark by quite a lot for what it is supposed to be.

Put simply, it’s not Ronseal, and folks, I want my beer to be Ronseal! ö

Jymi’s Rating: 74%



Who’d of thought it? A pink can for a beer. But even more so, it actually looks pretty smart. And the graphics, for the most part, tattooed over the can also work! Skin Deep, is hopefully a little more than can deep! (See what I’ve done there). 

I guess the place to start is that, while SD is a good beer, it’s not elevated to greatness. It’s well balanced, not complicated, and has nice hoppy notes. It’s everything you’d expect. And in some ways, it’s also this middle of the roadness that could be its slight Achilles heel. 

SD doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It stands with it. It is very good but not in any way unique. And I suppose that poses the question, does it need to? In answer to that, no it doesn’t. Just keep on doing what you’re doing because it’s a-ok to be with the pack when the pack is a strong place to be. 

Sammy’s Rating: 76%



MOB review next weekend: STARGAZER by VOCATION

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BREWER: Timmermans, Flemish Brabant, Belgium

STYLE: Kriek

ABV: 4%

VESSEL: 25cl brown bottle

TWITTER: #Timmermans

INSTAGRAM: timmermans_beers 

DATE OF POST: 14th November 2022




James was a well brought up little chap. Please and thank you with a smile was the norm. Respect your elders, dress smart, be polite and be kind was also up there in the way to go about your day.

On a weekend away one summer wee James went to stay at his Grandparents on the south-coast of England. This was always a special time as the lad got treated like a Prince. Breakfast made to order, choice of any yogurt he wanted from the supermarket, tickets to the shows on the pier on tap… you name it, the kid wanted for nothing.

However, on the Saturday morning of said trip things went a little off-piste. James and his Granny and Granddad took a trip to a cafe overlooking the English Channel. Situated on the first floor with panoramic views this really was a Michelin star greasy spoon. However, the staff, one in particular, let the whole experience down for the trio.

James’ Granddad, one of the nicest and funniest people you would ever meet didn’t have the best hearing and did get a little distracted from time to time (oh a wandering mind eh!). Now, when it was time for him to place his order he didn’t hear the waitress straight away and, well let’s just say her eyes rolled and head shook.

Now, polite young James suddenly felt a side of him flair up that he didn’t know existed. I mean he was only about 8 but in his head it went a little something like, “if you fuck with my beautiful Granddad then you fuck with me”.

Let’s just say the end of the trip to the cafe didn’t go amazingly but I was promised a cake on Sunday evening if I got myself back in line. I did. The cake was a Cherry Bakewell. Turns out I didn’t like a Cherry Bakewell.

I’ve no idea what the moral of the story is here but AM FULLY AWARE that went from THE TALE OF THE BOY AND THE CHERRY BAKEWELL to some sort of get it off your chest after 30 odd years self-therapy session!! Ö

And breathe…

Wow, this Timmermans Kriek smells EXACTLY like a Cherry Bakewell on the nose! And unsurprisingly I wasn’t a fan… HOWEVER, you could instantly tell this was a well made brew regardless of my personal taste. But in the drinking it became even more obvious. This is a very good beer indeed!

Coming in at only 4% it is amazing just how much flavour this brew carries. ALL THE CHERRY then moving to the most wonderful soft and almost creamy (in texture) aftertaste.

This beer is soooooo drinkable and I have to say the wee 250ml bottle only lasted a few visits. But in saying that I’m not sure I could settle into too many of these, though again I think that is more a personal thing.

Go find a bottle. It will be well, well worth it I assure you.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



From the oldest lambic brewery in the world, that’s right, the oldest, this week we are testing Kriek Lambicus. 

Imagine cherry pie cooking in the oven. Those sweet fragrances wafting through your kitchen. A sweet aroma, right? Well, if you can conjure up such a mental nasal experience, then you won’t be too far off the nose on this bad boy.  And, unsurprisingly, the colour is, well, deep purple (no reference to the band of the same name). 

Happy days – the drinking, a cherry sensation. So well balanced, KL is a delight to drink. It has a huge point of difference with its cherry flavour, which is not too sweet, but is there front and centre stage. I can’t use words enough to get across how wonderful this brew is. 

Timmermams can wear that oldest lambic brewery badge with pride when they’re producing hits like this. If it were a song, it would likely spend many a week at the top of the charts. And that’s not just because of its overall brew; it’s down to how many folk this beer would likely appeal to. From the avid beer drinker to the novice looking for something slightly different, KL would tick the boxes. 

A wonder of a beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 92%



MOB review next weekend: SKIN DEEP by ANARCHY BREW CO.

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BREWER: Verdant, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Pale Ale 

ABV: 3.8%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @VerdantBrew

INSTAGRAM: verdantbrew

DATE OF POST: 7th November 2022



So, People Money Space Time is a good beer. The Mosaic hop dominates from nose to the last point the tastes leaves the old taste buds. And that’s not a bad thing. 

Coming in at a light abv, only 3.8%, PMST actually punches a good bit of flavour and manages to carry it through from first drinking to last. Where this would excel, is in a session. And despite its lightness, it also has a solid mouthfeel. 

Look, it’s not complex. It’s not particularly clever. PMST is just solid. It’s a solid workhorse of a beer. And we all have space for some of those in our fridge. 

All round, good job. 

Sammy’s Rating: 72%



Well, you remember
your business partner Marsellus
Wallace, dont’ya Brett?

I remember him.

Good for you. Looks like me and
Vincent caught you at breakfast,
sorry ’bout that. What’cha eatin’?


Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any
nutritious breakfast. What kinda


No, I mean where did you get’em?
McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack-in-the-
Box, where?

Big Kahuna Burger.

Big Kahuna Burger? That’s that
Hawaiian burger joint. I heard they
got some tasty burgers. I ain’t never
had one myself, how are they?

They’re good.

Mind if I try one of yours?


Yours is this one, right?


Uuummmm, that’s a tasty burger.

Vince, you ever try a Big Kahuna


You wanna bite, they’re real good.

I ain’t hungry.

Well, if you like hamburgers give
’em a try sometime. Me, I can’t
usually eat ’em ’cause my girlfriend’s
a vegetarian. Which more or less
makes me a vegetarian, but I sure
love the taste of a good burger.

You know what they call a Quarter
Pounder with Cheese in France?


Tell ’em, Vincent.

Royale with Cheese.

Royale with Cheese, you know why
they call it that?

Because of the metric system?

Check out the big brain on Brett.
You’a smart motherfucker, that’s
right. The metric system.

What’s in this?

People, Money, Space, Time by Verdant.

What, the Cornish based power brewers?

Yeah man

PMST, good, mind if I have some of
your tasty beverage to wash this
down with?


Uuuuummmm, hit’s the spot!

Does doesn’t it, so juicy and crushable, can’t believe it’s only 3.8% Jules.

Nor can I my man.

We happy?

We happy.

Jymi’s Rating: 77%





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BREWER: Kettlesmith, Wiltshire, England

STYLE: Belgian IPA

ABV: 5.4%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @kettlesmithbeer

INSTAGRAM: kettlesmith_brewing

DATE OF POST: 30th October 2022



Every cloud has one. At least that’s what they say. Great theory unless you’re stuck in torrential rain in the middle of nowhere. Then it seems as if no cloud has a silver lining. 

Anyway, the Silver Lining for Kettlesmith was a mistake in the brewing. An error with the yeast, apparently. But it all turned out a ok. Hence the name. And given that back story, it’s a good one. 

Well, SL is punchy upfront with some sweet citrus fruit notes. But the most notable thing about the brew is the loooooooong bitter finish. And it does last for a long time.  While it’s not the most complicated of brews, SL is decent enough. It has enough about it to keep you interested as you drink down the glass. 

Perhaps a little muddled in what it is, SL is worthy of a try. It might not tick everyone’s box, but it will undoubtedly please some. 

Sammy’s Rating: 62%



I quote our tin…

‘This wasn’t how it was supposed to turn out, a slight error in yeast pitching has given us something unexpected but beautiful’

I have to say, I really admire the honesty here. It would have been very easy indeed for our brewer to just say nothing at all and just put it on the shelves and hope for the best. But no, they have had the balls to say this isn’t correct, but we think it tastes great anyway so here you go! Fair play. Every cloud n all that…

Now, SL has been pitched as a Belgian IPA on the front of our tin but a West Coast Saison on the back. This confused me a little pre drinking I have to say. They could both be interpreted to mean the same thing I suppose but the style on the back (West Coast Saison) intrigued me more.

Our brew’s SIX HOP line up (Cascade, Summit, Citra, Amarillo, Centennial, Minstrel) bring with it, as you may expect, a large hoppy upfront hit! There is certainly a glimmer of the Belgian yeast used too. So, I suppose a West Coast Belgian could have been a better style description?!

Leaving what on earth this is supposed to be behind I have to say this is a curious beer. I definitely enjoyed it but on the other hand didn’t get overly excited about the beautiful mistake. The large hop hit up front is excellent, but I didn’t get a huge amount else from it flavour wise, it’s just hoppy! Moving through the brew I began to pick up on small elements of spice and possibly some orange, but again not a lot else. It’s odd as this beer really does pack a punch but is lacking any distinguishable flavours.

As I said, I enjoyed the brew but I’m not sure I would reach for it again.

Jymi’s Rating: 65%



MOB review next weekend: PEOPLE, MONEY, SPACE, TIME by VERDANT

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BREWER: Driftwood Spars, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Saison

ABV: 4.4%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @DriftyBrewery

INSTAGRAM: driftwoodsparsbrewery

DATE OF POST: 25th October 2022





What the F is a Seaberry?, other than a Cornish Saison brewed by our friends over at Driftwood Spars.

Now our tin does tell us the meaning, however, and I’m truly sorry for this, I’m gonna have to get off of my chest what I thought the potential definition was because I’ll be honest, it’s been playing on my mind all flippin week!

So obviously I grabbed this brew during the summer on my trip to Cornwall. Though we didn’t hit the beach that much on said trip when we did, what with it being tourist season, there were lots of families there with very young children and… oh you know where I’m going here, let’s just leave it. I SAID LEAVE IT!!!

As mentioned, our tin luckily gives us the definition that steers us away from the unfortunate loose nappy incidents that are the plight of the west country… I SAID LEAVE IT!!!

Seaberry is a colloquial term for Sea Buckthorn that grows in abundance all along the Cornish coast. Pretty cool name for a beer actually.

And as for the beer itself, it’s pretty different, but it’s also pretty decent!

Seaberry on the nose is one of boiled broccoli and cauliflower… I SAID LEAVE IT FFS!!!

I need to get a grip here, haha…

The nose isn’t strong at all but IS zesty and piercing and absolutely piqued my interest. There is a gentle spice early in the sip but the flavour cannons come in pretty quickly and are delightful I have to say. But it’s a short stay and I was left craving that flavour to stay around for just a little longer.

All in all though a very refreshing and tasty brew that you could defo get stuck into.

Oh, and the tin art!!! ♥♥♥

Jymi’s Rating: 81%



Well, Seaberry smells like a Saison. All things considered, this is a good thing because it is a Saison. And the citrus nose is balanced with a sweetness that will perhaps take you back to your childhood visit to the sweet section in Woolworths. 

On the palate, Seaberry dances around. There’s some watercress pepper mixed with light sour all enveloped in a citrus background with wheat notes poking away here and there. And this is backed by a lovely mouthfeel that is light and punchy.  You might have guessed it, I like it. I like it a lot. 

Coming across a beer that makes you stand up and take note is no mean feat given the number of beers out there. For me, Seaberry does that on many fronts. Not too sour. Not too much of anything in fact. It’s well balanced and fairly complex. 

But one of the most striking things about Seaberry must be that you could drink this beer anytime anywhere and you’d likely not be let down. Versatile and tasty. 

Fantastic job. 

Sammy’s Rating: 88%



MOB review next weekend: SILVER LINING by KETTLESMITH

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BREWER: Lizard Ales, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Strong Cornish Ale

ABV: 5.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle


INSTAGRAM: #lizardales

DATE OF POST: 16th October 2022



An Gof has a nice story behind the name. Well worth reading and may even make you want to delve into certain periods of history a little more. Good job on that front. 

Anyway, AG is a strong ale that originates from Cornwall. At 5.2% abv, some might argue that it’s not even touching the strong ale continuum. But hey, let’s not split hairs. 

The most striking thing for me is that AG actually tastes stronger than the aforementioned abv might make you think. If I were having this in a blind test, I would state the alcohol by volume somewhere around 7-8%. And if your beer tastes that strong, you want it to be that strong. 

Other than the strong alcohol taste, there’s not too much going on with AG. Sure, there’s some sweetness that swirls around here and there on some occasions but there’s not enough to really elevate this brew. 

Not unpleasant but a little bit of a miss for me. 

Sammy’s Rating: 45%



Deep rich nose…

Deep rich taste…

Couldn’t have many!!!

These were the main notes at the beginning of testing this brew.

However, after a few sips it became apparent that everything I stated was true but kinda disappeared into a bit of a nothing finish. This can sometimes be a good thing for a session beer as long as the aftertaste isn’t bad but for a Strong Cornish Ale? (It needs a larger ABV too for such words).

I was left a little disappointed. However as I worked my way through I started to actually really appreciate the initial intensity of flavour in the sip.

This could quite easily have gone the other way but I am gonna give this brew the benefit of the doubt. The early sip is so lovely I can’t look beyond it, but all in all it should be stronger, and the richness should carry on further into the drinking.

Good, could be so much better.

Jymi’s Rating: 74%



MOB review next weekend: SEABERRY by DRIFTWOOD SPARS

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Five years ago this very weekend we started Musing on Booze!

A beer review from each of us every week for five flippin’ years, that’s mental. 

There have been some serious highs and some serious lows but we have loved every single minute and have no intention of stopping… We hope you have enjoyed our sometimes mindless ramblings?!

Happy Birthday us!!!


Oh and tomorrow, we’re off to celebrate at some local tap yards and boozers!!! Will keep you posted, hopefully   Ö

Love you all,

Sammy & Jymi x x 


BREWER: Indigenous Brewery, Berkshire, England


ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @indigenousbrew

INSTAGRAM: #indigenousbrewery

DATE OF POST: 7th October 2022


I cannot resist beginning this review by saying I hope this beer is a crackerjack of a beer. It is named Crackerjack, after all. 

An honourable mention has to go to the packaging. There’s something I really like about the label. And while I can’t put into words (quite the failing for a review that relies entirely on words) there’s a certain aura around it. 

Enough rambling. Time for some drinking. 

Crackerjack develops almost the perfect head on pour. It’s a little pleasure to hear the almost inaudible popping of the bubbles on the froth that hints at the good carbonation that lies within. And the nose is hoppy and earthy, just as you might hope. The aroma might not be setting the world on fire, but it is reassuring, nonetheless. 

Now, Crackerjack is by no means complex on the palate. You couldn’t stretch to that description and if you did, you’d be telling a porky pie. But what it gives you is a nice bitterness with some hints of hops, which are not overpowering, and some subtle burnt caramel notes. And when this is all combined you get a very refreshing, quite light beer that is easily drinkable. 

Is it a crackerjack of a beer in the grand scheme of things? Possibly not. But what it is, is a crackerjack of freshness and palatability. It’s a very decent drop indeed. One that I’ll be reaching for again. 

Sammy’s Rating: 77%



To call a beer Crackerjack you either have to have champion conker cojones or a lot of faith in the brew you have brewed.

To put the definition of Crackerjack on the side of the bottle you either have to have King Kong champion conker cojones or really do have a helluva lot of faith in the brew you have brewed.

Crackerjack – A person or thing of recognised excellence. “That’s a Crackerjack” 

Either way, Crackerjack is a Crackerjack! What a bangin’ IPA (though at 4.2% can it really be called an IPA?).

A massive hop bite greets the drinker at first, as any good IPA should. However, our Crackerjack then immediately does something to calm our drinker. It totally mellows out in taste and mouthfeel allowing room and time for contemplation and conclusion that this is a reet good beer. The aftertaste then moves to a very faint but lovely toffee/caramel.

It’s massively sessionable too.

Flippin good brew!

Now it’s time to go and iron my dungarees ready for tomorrow’s festivities.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



MOB review next weekend: AN GOF by LIZARD ALES

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BREWER: Sharps’s, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Belgian style ale 

ABV: 6.8%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @SharpsBrewery

INSTAGRAM: sharpsbrewery

DATE OF POST: 2nd October 2022



So, back in the now a distant summer of this year I took a holiday with my amazing wife and equally amazing daughters to the simply idyllic Cornwall. We were based literally in the middle of nowhere for 8 days with the west country land to explore should we wish to.

And oh we did…

From waterfall walks to raging seas we did the lot.

On one particular day, upon my request, we ventured to Padstow. An absolutely stunning Atlantic Cornwall harbour town.

Again, at my request, as I love me fud I do, we went to a particularly swank restaurant for lunch. You’re on holiday, you have to treat yourselves, right?

Now, said restaurant is owned by Rick Stein. Some, probably most of you, will be familiar with his work. But for those of you that are not he is an English TV celebrity chef.

I’ve always been a huge fan of his TV work, mainly because he is such an awkward presenter, but I find that hugely endearing. Couple that with his very uncomplicated but amazing food then… like I say, I’m a huge fan.

So long story short, the trip to The Seafood Restaurant was incredible. Scallops, whole turbot, oysters… it went off. I came out of there feeling a million dollars from what I had just experienced.

To stretch our legs and absorb more of the town after lunch we took a stroll around what seemed like a local indoor market. This is where I stumbled upon Chalky’s Bite aswell as many other Cornish beers (just wait and see what comes in the next few months!).

Now in 2006, Rick decided to brew a beer with Sharp’s Brewery… thankfully this was 5 years prior to the infamous take over by Molson Coors or I really would have lost my shit believe me!

The beer is named after Rick’s now late dog Chalky and designed to sit alongside some of the great Belgian beers. Of course, though not to cast judgement prior to drinking ,this was never going to happen. But just how close did they get?

Well, I have to say, on initial visit to the brew not that far short…

A soft yet aromatic nose leads the drinker into a powerful, intense and for want of a slightly better adjective, very Belgian tasting beer. It’s thick and flavoursome with an unctuous mouthfeel.

But what happened next totally threw me.

The more I worked my way through this brew the more it turned away from Belgium and more towards Britain. By the end of it all I was drinking was a strong ENGLISH ale.

Not at all unpleasant but very unexpected and not welcomed in the moment.

A valiant attempt and though an enjoyable drink ultimately it does miss the brief.

Jymi’s Rating: 61%



It’s a nice thing to name a beer after a dog. Very nostalgic. And Chalky’s Bite, while not a world beater, is a pleasant enough thing. 

There’s some subtle herby, coriander, flavourings to be found. But you do have to search hard. The overwhelming flavour is to be found in the sweet fruity notes that give away to the bitter orange middle which goes away with a finish of the sweetness once again back. 

The mouthfeel isn’t too thick, and the carbonation is light. A little more body would elevate CB in my opinion. But hey, what do I know? 

CB is decent homage to man’s best friend. 

Quite an interesting beer. Worth a try. 

Sammy’s Rating: 66%




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BREWER: Disruption IS Brewing, Surrey, England

STYLE: New England Pale Ale

ABV: 6.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin


INSTAGRAM: disruptionisbrewing

DATE OF POST: 25th September 2022



So, let’s state the obvious: the nose on People of the Hop Vol II is very peachy. While that may be mostly a good thing, it’s a little bit intense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so intense that it’ll put you off but it is a little bit too much for my olfactory sniffer. 

Now, the flavour is interesting. The first impression is that it’s sweet bitter. Very sweet, in fact, almost instantly giving way to a bitter finish. And in the sweetness of POTHV2 peach and grapes rule supreme. Then comes the intense bitter finish of citrus undertones. 

And before you know it, the whole experience is over.  It’s a bang and gone. 

The whole experience is a definitely interesting. I can’t go as far as to say amazing because it’s not. But it’s interesting. POTHV2 is worth a go but you might not be that tempted to line them up for a session. 

Sammy’s Rating: 72%



Strong beer this… but I don’t mean in the tasting…

What I do mean is that this beer is strong in every single department!

The nose is quite simply stunning! It is one peach, grapefruit and grape and just screams DRINK ME NOW!

The mouthfeel is also fantastic, sooooooo soft (I think we probably have Uncle Nelson to thank for this) and soooooo juicy.

And People of the Hop tastes amazing too! A definite sweetness leads the way but that is soon balanced out by good hoppy and bitter hit. This then leads into a soft grape aftertaste . Cracking stuff!

All coming out of an insanely detailed and great looking tin as well as having a really cool name, People of the Hop Vol II is a must try beer.

Jymi’s Rating: 91%



MOB review next weekend: CHALKY’S BITE by SHARP’S BREWERY

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BREWER: Deviant & Dandy, East London, England


ABV: 4.4%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @DeviantandDandy

INSTAGRAM: deviantanddandybrewery

DATE OF POST: 19th September 2022



Somewhere along the line whilst musing on booze I have written about how I normally go about scoring a beer name. It was as simple as how would it sound coming out if ordering at a pub/bar.

Pint of Landlord please landlord = very good.

Pint of Dave says it will be fine please Dave = very bad.

However, my thoughts on this have evolved a little over the years. Though it will still boil down to ‘how it sounds’ I do now think more about how the name relates to the beer itself.

Now, with Precious Stones my initial thoughts were it was a fairly cool name though you may sound like a bit of a ‘nana ordering one. I then thought oooooooh, this is actually a really good name as Apricots have stones and so do… ah Blood Oranges don’t have stones. Now seeing as this is an Apricot & Blood Orange Sour I did have to conclude this wasn’t a great name for our beer.

Thankfully though this brew is decent and that at the end of the day is of course what really matters.

A medium level of sourness brings along with it definite notes of our mentioned fruits. Sounds obvious but this is not always the case!!! Precious Stones is very refreshing and VERY drinkable. In my note book I have written in capitals… FINISHED IN MINUTES! Tells a story. The aftertaste lingers and lingers too which is lovely. I personally think at a slightly higher ABV this brew could be an absolute rocker! But let’s just settle on it being very good.

Jymi’s Rating: 76%



Now, if you’re brewing a sour, blood orange has to be a good ingredient, does it not? So, with my love of sours, this is getting my juices flowing even before the crack of the can. Come on Precious Stones – you can deliver. 

As an aside, I quite like the name. It’s a good angle. 

The apricot and blood orange are, unsurprisingly, ever present. They’re there in abundance when you first drink. As you go down the glass of PS, this punchiness of flavour mellows and becomes almost creamy. And at this point it’s the blood orange that comes to prominence, demonstrating its robustness for a sour brew. 

Undoubtedly, PS is a very nice beer indeed. I’d like it a little sourer, but that’s just personal taste. It delivers where it promises and it’s actually an enjoyable drinking journey from first sip to last sup. 

I can think of many occasions where PS would sit well in a beer armoury.  If you’re looking for a way into the sour world, this could well be your door. Go on, you know you want to open it…

Sammy’s Rating: 77%




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