BREWER: Adnams, Suffolk, England


ABV: 4.6%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Adnams 


DATE OF POST: 2nd February 2018



So Adnams most certainly have been bold with Ease Up IPA. This sure is one jazzed up label, which is bound to divide the crowd into lovers and haters.  To be clear, I have no doubt about the camp that my tent is in: lovers.  I mean, come on, this is out there and for a larger brewery it certainly is a winner.  Sure it’s garish but it’s also…different…and different is good.  Very good.  Very good indeed.

 If you’re not convinced by the outside of the bottle, you might well be influenced in thinking that inside will be a let down too.  But you’d be wrong.  The aroma from Ease Up is sensational (exactly as described on the bottle) and there is only one thing holding it back from the perfect 10 in my mind:  it could be slightly stronger.  But we really are talking minor points here. 

 Then to the drinking.  It is so good.  This has great depth of flavour and it’s one for a session.  It oozes class and is smooth and delicious. Quite clearly,  Adnams have achieved what they meant to with this beer.  It puts a big tick in every box.

With Ease Up IPA, Adnams are making a clear move for the land of craft beers, and, my oh my, they have well and truly landed, set-up stall and put a clear stake in the ground that marks their intention to grab a big piece of the aforementioned land.  For me, this is an ale that will become a regular.  What’s not to like about it?*


*Unless you find, unlike me, you don’t like the label

Sammy’s Rating; 83%



Ease Up IPA.

Ease Up IPA?

Ease Up IPA??

What does this name even mean!? Is the beer I’m about to drink telling me that I need to ease up? I’ll be the judge of whether I need to Ease up or not sonny let me tell you! More of this later, to the beer…

It’s Friday evening and to the beer stocks I go (no prizes for guessing what was selected, you’re gonna have to work harder than that to win a Muse on Booze *glass and beer mat).

Once cracked I gave the open bottle a good ol’ nose, and what I got was a very pleasent aroma of…. Beer. Yes, beer. Nothing snazzy or complex just a wonderful whiff of a good ale.

Once in the glass the smell continued to keep coming and made me suddenly even more happy I was about to embark into a cheeky end of week glass of something.

And I have to say, I wasn’t dissapointed. The crew over in Suffolk have created an IPA that brings some lovely citrus tones with a good hoppy finish. I really enjoyed how dry the finish was too, immediately tempting you back for another visit to the glass. Dare I say, it made me ease up!

With just a little bit more of a punch I honestly think this could be a superstar! However, it’s just a very good drop.

Packaging wise, gotta say I’m not sold AT ALL. The colouring is all over the place. I mean if you’re going to brave going down the yellow / gold and pink route then you have to create something spectacular, and this label is far from spectacular. My only positive from the packaging is the illusion of the bottle getting slightly narrower nearer the bottom. Or is it an illusion?

In conclusion what we have here is a very good IPA with dissapointing packaging that let’s it down.

Name wise, it’s not for me, but maybe, just maybe, Adnams have nailed it.


*Muse on Booze glasses and beer mats are not currently available due to the fact they have not yet been designed let alone manufactured or even thought of before I wrote it  😉

Jymi’s Rating 70%



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