It’s a chilly ol’ Friday in the UK but we have the warming thoughts of a guest reviewer named Rocco to get us through.. As well as the usual tosh from Sammy and Jymi.

Fire on, slippers on, beer on… Let’s go 



BREWER: St Austell, Cornwall, England 


ABV: 5.5%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @StAustellBrew

INSTAGRAM: st_austell_brewery

DATE POSTED: 2nd March 2018



‘Proper Job’ is a phrase that evokes all kinds of lovely memories from when little Jymi was an even littler Jymi..

I was fortunate enough as a lad to spend many a summer on my Auntie and Uncle’s farm down in Cornwall. The farm had many vast and stretching fields and sat on top of a hill looking into a valley and onward to the next hill in the distance. The view was breathtaking.

But it wasn’t the long hazy summer day’s stomping in the fields that gave me the greatest memories of my trips to Cornwall. Nor was it the amazing breakfasts my Auntie cooked to accompany the already mentioned view of an early morning. Nope, it was the Autumn time, late Autumn into early winter, when stuff got really muddy and dogs and grown men got very excited. The time when my Uncle’s buddy Peter would rock up pre shoot and shout…


“Yeah good Peter, how’s you”?


Now, I’ve got to be honest, I’m still not totally sure I ever really understood what Peter was ever going on about but I do know he was a champion of a man and those two words will always take me back to my time in Cornwall as a boy.

But, does the beer live up to the name that I clearly adore?

Quite simply, yes. It is an absolute beauty!

Taste wise, we have that lovely crisp and hoppy hit of a modern ale but the notes of a traditional IPA haven’t been left behind. The nose brings incredible sharp shots of fresh citrus and even though PJ is packing a punch percentage wise it really is the type of beer you could while away the afternoon with.

Very good you St Austell boys, very good indeed.

 Jymi’s Rating: 80%




St Austell is a fairly small affair of a brewery.  Based in Cornwall, they are making a mark in the national scene.  And it’s Proper Job that they are using to drive this. It’s a departure from old school ales, yet not quite into the world of craftiness. I feel that St Austell’s intention is to make a bold statement with Proper Job…

Bottled up and packaged, Proper Job looks good. Not ground breaking but…decent.  And decent in the beer world is good.  It’s clear where this beer is being targeted in the market.  Neither hipster nor moustache wetting it be – somewhere smack bang in the middle.   

The nose is strong and fruity, which leads you to believe you are in for a hoppy treat.  And in this case your nose doesn’t lie.  Those strong hoppy notes follow through into the beer.  They climb out of the glass and give you a big smack in the face.  Me personally, I like being smacked in the face in such a manner. But the crux of it is that drinking Proper Job is very pleasurable, even delightful dare I say. However, that having been said, for those of you not keen on the hoppy numbers this one won’t be for you.

 Proper Job is the proper job.  There’s really not much to moan about with this beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 80%







As a huge fan & regular visitor to the West Country, providing a review on this classic IPA instantly puts a smile on my face. I have had the pleasure of drinking many of the St Austell classics over the years and this is certainly one of them.

 Proper Job…. Nothing could describe this modern IPA better.  I like to say the words “Proper Job” out loud after my first sip when I am home dreaming of being in Cornwall. It makes my world a better place.

Another upside of the bottled Proper job weighing in at 5.5% ABV as opposed to the Cask 4.5% you really taste the citrus flavour with a fine bitter finish, its packed with PROPER flavours.

Proper job on draft is a cracking session beer, look no further than The Farmer Arms, St Merryn (Just outside of Padstow) for the ultimate pint.

 This beer is thoroughly recommended, well done St Austall brewery. Keep them coming.

Rocco’s Rating: 84%

MOB review next weekend: 200 by PALMERS

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