So we are almost 6 months into our musings, which means by this Friday we will have tested 26 beers. There have been some serious highs as well as a few lows and by the looks of some of the beers that are coming up the highs could well get even higher.

Below is a list of the Top 10 beers that we have tested so far..

Find them, drink them, they are all fantastic!



1st… Puritan by Two Cocks Brewery, Berkshire – 88%

=2nd… White Tips by Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire – 84.5%

=2nd… Goose IPA by Goose Island, Illinois – 84.5%

=2nd… Leveller by Two Cocks Brewery, Berkshire – 84.5%

5th… Hepcat by Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, South London – 83%

6th… Proper Job by St Austell Brewery, Cornwall – 80%

7th… Electric IPA by Brixton Brewery, South London – 79.5%

=8th… Doom Bar by Sharps, Cornwall 76.5%

=8th… Ease Up IPA by Adnams, Suffolk 76.5%

=8th… Landlord by Timothy Taylor’s, West Yorkshire – 76.5%



If you delve into you’ll be able to find the reviews of all of the beers that we have tested over the last half  year. Keep an eye out for Dead Pony Club by BrewDog this weekend as it may, just may instantly change the current Top 10!

Hope you’re enjoying our work and enjoying your beer. Time to press on for another 6 months of arduous testing 😉 …. See ya!

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