BREWER: Badger Brewery (Hall & Woodhouse), Dorset

STYLE: Bitter

ABV: 4.4%

VESSEL: 500ml bottle 

TWITTER: Not currently on Twitter




Ferret: a domesticated form of the European polecat.

Ferret: a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel.

Ferret: a tricky little fella with a reputation for being sly.

Ferret: apparently actually a very good pet.

Thirsty Ferret: a thirsty version of all the above.

Fursty Ferret: an ale from Badger Brewery.

To clarify, Fursty Ferret should not be confused with a thirsty ferret or indeed any form of the ferret.

What we do have with the Badger version of Ferret (let’s avoid confusion with the animal overload on names), is a well packaged up beer.  The clear bottle works well and it is most definitely a good platform on which to paste the effect label (featuring the aforementioned ferrets).

The beer, unfortunately, does not live up to the feisty reputation of its namesake and is distinctively average.  The biscuity taste is finished with a very subtle hoppy ending but to be completely upfront about it, you’d be hard pushed to single it out. 

Fursty Ferret: Packing a punch with the name.  Very limp, slightly grazing punch packed with the flavour. 

Sammy’s Rating: 61%



I just don’t know what it is with this Badger lot but the phrase don’t do things by halves springs to mind because they seem to have done the opposite and actually done EVERYTHING BY HALF. Literally everything (though they did manage to fill the bottle up to the top, which was good).

Honestly, everything from the packaging to the taste just reeks of, meh, yeah it’s aright I suppose. Average. Not bad. Not offensive but by no means great.

For me the only shining light here is the name. Fursty Ferret is a great name, it really is. It’s the type of name that reminds me of maybe being on holiday in the West Country, walking, and stumbling across a random country pub. Some bright spark in your walking crew (probably you!) throws out a speculative ”shall we stop for a quick pint” suggestion. Of course everyone thinks this is a splendid idea so you find yourself settled in the Wheatsheaf and Wood Pigeon drinking something called, Fursty Ferret.. of course you do. And you wouldn’t be disappointed. But you wouldn’t be blown away either. (see… AVERAGE!)

FF is a perfectly fine ale and pleasant enough to drink but it is lacking in body I must say. When it comes to the length, this is where this beer falls down. Once your initial pleasant and malty taste has gone nothing else really happens.

Fursty Ferret falls into the bracket of an everyday drinking ale. It’s not at all bad, but to call it good would be wrong.

Why? Because as I’ve already mentioned A LOT, it’s average.

Case closed.

Jymi’s Rating: 62%








 We would love to let you know what Gin is coming up midweek but we don’t know ourselves.. suppose that’s the beauty of sunshine and Gin ai?







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