BREWER: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6%

VESSEL: 355ml bottle

TWITTER: @SierraNevada




Look, these dudes may have invented Craft Beer but that doesn’t mean ol’ Jymi is gonna be all soppy and give them an easy ride, oh no no no….

Ok, first off, I don’t mind admitting that I have avoided this ale for years. Reason being, I hate the label. Simple as that. I know that is ridiculous, but without knowing it I have had it in my head that I won’t like the beer, because of the label.

So here I have it in front of me ready for review and on closer inspection of the packaging it’s not that bad, but I’m still not a fan. As rubbish as it is I quite like the very rural North American scene.

The nose on SNPA is pretty sweet, very aley and pleasant enough, but nothing to write home about. It certainly didn’t draw me in to drink it. And I must say it tastes very much like it smells. Sweet at first and then very aley. But then the bitter aftertaste comes and that helps everything along nicely. What I like about this beer is that it has bags of old skool taste to it but you get the murmurings of what was then the future (the future is now by the way, I hope you’re not confused! I AM confused incidentally) in the background of the taste. The whole thing could do with a touch more body too for me. Because of the sweetness I’m not too sure I could do that many of these but the texture as a whole, even though it’s pretty fizzy, does lend itself to whiling away an arvo and evening in, well any pub around the world nowadays really.

This Pale Ale isn’t exceptional but is tasty enough and the fact that the beer paved the way for something quite huge in the drinks world means that you really do have to take a large proverbial hat off to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

And that I do x

Jymi’s Rating: 63%



Let’s not beat around the bush – Sierra Nevada is a trendsetter.  It’s one of the granddaddies of craft ales.  Very often, masters can become overtaken by their apprentices.  And Sierra Nevada has many apprentices out there in the big ale world.  So how does this stalwart hold-up in modern world?

The packaging will be crowd divider.  I, for one, love it.  But not everyone will.  And that’s ok.  But there is no denying that it could only be Sierra Nevada.  That means this distinctive brand still stands out.  There’s no confusing it with other, newer, kids on the block.

Once unleashed and set free in the glass, the familiar sweet aroma of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is like putting on a pair of your favourite undies.  It immediately comforts you and makes you feel right at home.  And that sweet scent draws you in.  Then there’s the drinking.  Yes – it still is packing a punch.  Memories of good times spent with friends come flooding back through the fruity notes.   Hiding behind the undeniable hops, Sierra Nevada packs a punch that can sneak up on one very quickly.  Make no mistake, this is one incredibly well-balanced beer.

This old boy still stands tall.  There may be others that have come (and some gone) that contend with,  and even surpass, this old brew.  But Sierra Nevada was here first.  It knows its place.  And it’s nestled right near the top of the pile. 

 Sammy’s Rating: 83%





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Word coming out of the MOB Gin House is the next one up is GIN MARE… suppose we’ll see in the week now won’t we.






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