BREWER: Titanic Brewery, Staffordshire, England

STYLE: American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.1%

VESSEL: 500ml clear bottle 

TWITTER: @Titanic_Brewers 

INSTAGRAM: titanicbrewery

DATE OF POST: 13th July 2018



The common Iceberg.  Free floating mountains of frozen water that have been sinking ships since ships began. The Iceberg really shot to fame in 1912 when a certain unsinkable monster of a liner may have clipped one. And since that fateful day Icebergs have stayed talked about  largely because of the disaster.

But, over one hundred years on, after endless documentaries and one magnificent film, it was time to fight back. Time to take a stand. Time to turn the tables on these Ice Mountains that float the oceans like they bleedin’ own them. Yes my friends, it was time to sink an Iceberg!

Have to say, like the bobbing of a life boat, I’m a little up and down with this one. I’m going to start with saying that I do like it, I do. But there are certain characteristics of it that would normally make me adore a particular beer,  like a dry finish and being very hoppy for instance. But something was up with it. I’m not sure if as the taste developed it all just seemed a bit obvious? Maybe lacking a bit of complexity and excitement? It’s odd, because it is nice and refreshing but in the same token almost a bit doughy in texture. The dry finish I enjoyed for sure but the lingering almost over hopped after taste wasn’t a highlight for me. Was also a touch too carbonated for my liking and was almost reaching lager status.

Don’t get me wrong this is a good beer that I enjoyed, and the name as well as the packaging are spot on. Just think the beer could do with a few tweaks to take it to the next level. But over all a good job Titanic Brewery.

Jymi’s Rating: 68%



What we have here is an American Pale Ale, named after the infamous large piece of ice that sunk the unsinkable cruise ship*.  So the question to hold in the back of your minds is just how sinkable is this beer: is it in as sinkable as the unsinkable ship?; or is it as sinkable as a rubber duck**?…

Firstly, Iceberg has a fruity nose.  It lingers in the nasal cavity and it has to be noted that it is very pleasant.  Paired with the colour, this makes the beer very tempting and, although when we think of that infamous piece of ice we think of a freezing winter’s day, the initial thoughts with Iceberg (the beer) are that it would be most welcome on a summer’s day.

Those initial thoughts of hot summer days most definitely carry through to the taste, which is sharp and straight to the point.  And then it hangs around leaving a long bitter note that is surprisingly refreshing.  You know you’re drinking Iceberg; it’s distinctive.  You want to be drinking Iceberg; it’s distinctiveness is refreshing.

You’ll want to drink this, not aboard a sinking unsinkable ship, but with your backside nicely nestled into a deck chair, with the faint aromas of cut grass drifting across the air, finally succumbing to the overwhelmingly pleasant smell of coals being fired up. 

 So, in conclusion, Iceberg (the beer) is as sinkable as the unsinkable ship. 


*For clarity’s sake, the ship in question was the Titanic.

**Other floating animal toys can be used as a comparison

Sammy’s Rating: 80%







We’ll level with you, we have no idea what Gin is coming next..




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