BREWER: Brutal Brewing, Stockholm County 

STYLE: Lager 

ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @PistonheadLager




Now just what is this glorious looking brushed copper tin of Lager I have sitting in front of me? Well, that is exactly what it is, a glorious looking brushed copper tin of Lager. This is intriguing to say the least, for many reasons. Firstly, this isn’t classic packaging for Lager but does certainly stand out of that there is no doubt! And seeing as the look of this can is on the whole.. menacing, I was very much looking forward to trying her, expecting it to somehow be refreshing, though I don’t know why? Especially as the info I was provided with (though quite limited) was telling me I was going to be getting a dark full bodied Lager..

Enough of the waffle, let’s see what she is like..

Certainly dark! Wow, this sucker neither looked nor smelt like a typical Lager once poured! And I have to say knowing this was 6% (which, rightly or wrongly, is way out of my decent Lager percentage bracket of 4.6-5.5%) and the way it looked in glass, I was still intrigued, but no longer looking forward to sipping.

The nose is fantastic, but isn’t at all Lager like.

Initial sip… is also fantastic but again not what you would expect from a Lager.

So I decided to abandon what this was supposed to be and just take it for what it was…..

And what it was was good!

What we have here is a brilliantly packaged, very smooth, spicy and citrusy ale like brew. It is without doubt full bodied and because of this it really wouldn’t work on a session for me, one or two tops probably. You need to be ready for that as well as it’s 6% abv muscle.

But as long as prepared, most should enjoy this offering from Brutal Brewing.

Jymi’s Rating: 73%



When the words exceptional or excellence appear in the name of a beer, you are led to expect BIG things.  So when the word full is used in the product name, what should you be expecting? Well, it’s not explicitly clear, other than there should be so much amber when paired with the word amber that Full Amber by Pistonhead (as promised by the title) is full of amber.  And guess what? Full Amber is quite amber, as it goes.

Setting the can aside, which isn’t the most original (although it is very…amber), Full Amber has seriously deep colour for a lager.  The nose is potent and pleasant, leaning toward the hoppy side with strong hints of caramel.  A very good start for a lager…

Those hints of caramel carry through to the drinking and it has to be stated that this is a very good lager.  Those hints of caramel don’t hang around for long, but that’s just fine.  I have to remind myself that we are talking about a lager here.  It’s different.  For a lager that is.  And this strength could be its weakness (an oxymoron I know) because those of you looking for a more traditional lager could be disappointed. 

Let me say it how it is though – nobody should be disappointed by Full Amber because it is good, very good.  There are many an occasion when this beer would serve you well.  Forget that it’s a lager, accept it for the quality beer that it is…

Sammy’s Rating: 74%






The Summer of Gin continues and trying to predict what is coming next has proved impossible so we’re probably going to give up on that :/

But continue it does..





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