BREWER: Black Isle Brewing Co., Highlands 

STYLE: Porter

ABV: 4.6%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: @BlackIsleBeer 



Errrrmmm, Well….


Where do you start with something that is great but isn’t actually great?

Leicester City 2015-16

Philadelphia Eagles 2017-18

Wimbledon FC 1998

Chicago Cubs 2016

Chatauenauf du Pape 2002

I really can’t put my finger on just what is going on with Black Isle Organic Porter I have to say..

The packaging and name probably took a combined 7 seconds to come up with. The nose though not at all unpleasant really isn’t doing much. And the flavour and taste impact barely register on the palate.


BIOP is good, in fact it’s verging on great! How, how is this possible? I hear you all cry from your pre Christmas drunken parties / sofas.

Well, let’s start with how smooth this beer is. It’s smooth let me tell you. Like, crazy ridiculous smooth as silk smooth. With this comes lightness with the body too, normally something that you would not necessarily associate with the super dark beers, but it works. Then for all the lack of flavour there are tiny little hints of liquorice and coffee.

On paper this just doesn’t work as a Porter, but in glass and gob it most certainly does.

Somehow… very well done!

Jymi’s Rating: 77%



So…let us step into the world of porter with Black Isle Organic Porter, which comes from the Scottish Highlands and is brewed in small batches. 

I don’t think anyone could claim that this would jump off of the shelf and grab you by your senses and scream buy me.  Black Isle Porter is very understated in it’s appearance.  However, I like the way it’ very clearly linked to it’s Scottish beginnings and there is no doubting that what’s on the inside is a dark ale.

Some stouts have a strong aroma, which vary in their pleasantness.  This porter is actually very light on the nose, and while it’s quite pleasant, it just doesn’t pack a hearty wintery punch.  But that all changes when you take your first sip when you are warmed by the light bitter malts, which are exactly what you want from a porter.  The small batch brewing really does work with Black Isle Porter and it’s balanced incredibly well, with just the right amount of what you want that clears the palate in good time.

And another thing – it’s incredibly smooth, which really works with this porter.  The smoothness supports the balance of flavour and gives a great mouth feel.

We’ve got a great porter on our hands here.  Lovely job.

Sammy’s Rating: 82%




MOB review next weekend: COCO COCOA by THORNBRIDGE



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