BREWER: Bronckhorster Brewing Company, Gelderland


ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 33cl

TWITTER: @Bronckhorster

INSTAGRAM: bronckhorster_brewing_company 



From the outset, if I were buying a beer on packaging alone and Royal RHA was the only beer available, then the fact is I would never drink beer.  As it is, I am on a mission to try as many different beers as possible so I find myself with a bottle of Royal RHA in hand.

Before drinking, Royal RHA claims to be a regal beer.  A big claim…it needs to be tested…here we go…

On opening, Royal  fizzes up quickly in the bottle, but this strangely doesn’t translate to being poured into the glass, where the head isn’t disappointing, but it’s by no means…regal.  One should definitely not compare it to a crown.

The nose is definitely there…and I can’t say much more about it.  It doesn’t even begin to compare with other IPAs, and while there is a hint of fruitiness, it definitely doesn’t smell like it’s fit for any royal table.

Royal RHA is so thin in the drinking, that it disappears into insignificance.  There is a nasty bitter flavour, which hints at a poor brew.  It’s almost as if the alcohol has been added afterwards and has not been borne out of a high class brew.

To summarise, Royal RHA is not a regal beer by a long chalk in my view and all you monarchs out there would be best off searching for your ale hit elsewhere!

Sammy’s Rating: 31%




Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, went I.. Sammy handed me this latest beer to be tested and reviewed. Now the reason for this outburst of chuckle was because I honestly thought that he had handed me a bottle of White Wine Vinegar. I mean really, what on earth were the Bronckhorster design team thinking when then pencilled, then penned and eventually signed off this bottle art? It’s an absolute disaster. I could actually get over the whole white wine vinegar thing if it looked super slick, but it doesn’t, so I won’t. I WON’T I TELL THEE!!
And what is with the name? I learned that Rha was a town in Holland but I do not see the connection with this being royal and this being a regal tasting IPA. Why? What? Where? Is it because it’s an English IPA? I do hope not.

Ok, so to the inside of the bottle we go..

Now I wasn’t holding out much hope that this would be any good but my mind was open and as the ol’ regal saying goes… Do nei judge a boook by its cover like.
The nose I got from Royal Rha was one of trout. Now I like the whiff of trout but… Yeah I think you can draw your own conclusions here.
Now taste wise I have to say there was almost no flavour at all. Certainly not undrinkable and the feel of this IPA in the mouth was actually pretty good but as I’ve already mentioned, there was hardly any flavour whatsoever. If you could pick up on anything the flavour was possibly one of very faint banana but you really do have to go searching for it.
Once the zero flavour had faded (if that’s even possible) it’s then replaced by a reasonably pleasant bitter finish.

All in all what we have here is an ale that is drinkable but would I think about drinking it again?


See ya.

Jymi’s Rating: 35%




MOB review next weekend: RADICAL ROAD by STEWART BREWING


I: muse.on.booze           T: @museonbooze


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