BREWER: Partizan Brewery, South East London

STYLE: Saison

ABV: 3.8%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: @PartizanBrewing

INSTAGRAM: partizanbrewing



Lemon and Thyme work really well together. They work so well together, in fact, that you can even get lemon thyme. I have to say, I’m a fan and I’m not alone in my fanness. There are many a culinary dish that I, and indeed others, like to cook with them. You could possibly even have enough concoctions to necessitate a cook book entitled “Lemon and Thyme: Recipes for this Timeless Combination”. I don’t have enough in depth knowledge to write such a book, but I can have a go at trying this beer.
On first meeting, the aroma is very light. It only just tickles the olfactory senses. It has a sweet note, but I don’t get much hint of lemon and thyme. It’s in the drinking that you pick up both lemon and thyme. It’s a little more heavy on the lemon side as opposed to the thyme but they’re both definitely there.
The thing is, considering the beer it named Lemon and Thyme Saison, I think it should pack more of a flavour punch in the direction of these ingredients. However, where I find this beer really wanting is in the brew. I don’t think that the hops used in this ale play a good enough support role to the lemon and thyme. They don’t let them shine through. The hops compete with them too much.
The end result is all a bit underwhelming. It’s not to say that this is a disaster of a beer because it’s just not. Lemon and Thyme Saison could be improved through better matching of the hops with the main players. If that happens, Lemon and Thyme Saison may well appear as an ingredient in the cook book previously mentioned.


Sammy’s Rating: 55%




Other than yellow having 3.8% tattooed on their neck and the horribly smooth plactic nature of the label, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PACKAGING. There is just something about it that has a timeless yet conclusive message of all out love and adouration. Look at blue totally content with life as well as the current embrace. Look at yellow, eyes open, surprised and overjoyed and the current embrace, mind blasting everywhere with what the future could hold. I absolutely love it.

Love, excitement, contentment, settled yet dreaming all in one simple sketch.

Beer wise it’s always necessary to approach a saison, much like yellow, with open eyes. Especially one that names itself Lemon and Thyme Saison. With a Saison not traditionally packing a hit you have to be careful not to under grade it. Blah blah blah. The fact this Saison’s name is basically a description of what you’re gonna get puts pressure on this SE London brewer to deliver.

Once cracked and sniffed it was very clear that this was a lemon Saison from the very light citrus aroma drifting from the glass and up the snoz. Thyme wise though I was still waiting. As from nose alone I was not picking anything up from the herb world.

After the very first sip what struck me was how refreshing this was to taste as well as in the mouth. Light and cleary brewed well for sure. Flavorwise, though a Saison is never going to blow your mind apart (that’s not it’s purpose in beerlife) I do feel LATS was lacking a bit. Some nice subtle Lemon touches in cheeks and at last a hint of Thyme in the aftertaste but definitely left me wanting a bit more.

Overall a pleasent beer and a pleasent Saison that would certainly fly down on a warm weekend garthering of souls. But it’s nothing more than that.

Jymi’s Rating: 67%





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