BREWER: Tempest Brewing Co, Scottish Borders

STYLE: Pilsner

ABV: 5.2%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: @TempestBrewCo

INSTAGRAM: tempestbrewingco





Probably my preferred brew when it comes to the section of the drinking world that is Lager. A Pilsner typically will be bringing a more hoppy spike to the taste of the drink therefore giving it a wee bit more flavour.
Now, Tempest have waltzed along and stuck the word India into the mix which I can only surmise means an even more hop lead flavour will be coming my way as surely this is a nod to an India Pale Ale.
The rather snazzy if not breathtaking bottle kind of confirms this to be the case in a way. So, it’s a more hoppy than usual Pilsner being put forward by this Scottish brewery and I have to say, I was both excited and intrigued in equal measure.

I was right to be excited. Though it didn’t knock me out my seat, this was one decent, refreshing and hoppy brew. It was the nose of India Pils that gave the first hint that this was going to be as the info given and name suggested this beer would be. A great fresh hoppy aroma was the gateway as to what was to come and perfectly summed up how India Pils was going to taste.
And as mentioned, refreshing and hoppy was how it was and it was hugely crushable to boot.

Though the texture and taste was a little thin, the look in glass, nose and flavour was enough to set this brew up to be a cracker on a scorching hot day.

Great concept, good execution.

Jymi’s Rating: 70%



Well this is a departure from the norm… India and pils? It’s usually India and pale ale.
Anyway, let’s get down to the business of whether or not it lives up to the name.
To be honest, the first impression on the nose is that India Pils smells exactly like a craft IPA. We all know that I love the aroma of a craft pale, but I’m not sure it belongs on a pils. The second impression, is that it’s quite a lively brew. And yes…I did notice this second as I was quick off the mark to get my nose into the glass. Once I removed my snout, I noted that it had flared up quite a bit and developed a rather sizeable head.
The drinking…oh the drinking. India Pils is definitely a very good beer. The problem for me is that it tastes like a craft IPA and the name is misleading because this does not taste like a pilsner. That being said, it is very crisp and refreshing and perhaps I should move on from my hang up and judge this for what it is – a very good beer.
India Pils is crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s well balanced with hints of bitter after notes. To my mind, it’s not a pils.
But hey – who cares?


Sammy’s Rating: 78%




MOB review next weekend: well, this is to be decided as the MOB duo travel to France together on holiday tomorrow morning. The plan is to find a local brew to review and post while we’re there. Should that go belly up though then it will be.. 



Talking of things going belly up, the Muse on Booze Second Summer of Gin hit it’s first bump in the road midweek just gone. We were supposed to be bringing you FIFTY SIX but it ended up being Rock Rose instead after there being a stand off as to what cocktail we should be putting forward. Fifty Six is sitting on ice ready to pounce but to steady the Gin ship we will be bringing you MAKAR this midweek. 





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