BREWER: Anchor Brewing Company, California, USA

STYLE: Beer 🙂 

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 355ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @AnchorBrewing

INSTAGRAM: anchorbrewing

DATE POSTED: 16th August 2019



This is a beer that I’m very familiar with.. though not through drinking, but through sight. Until today I have never had Anchor Steam Beer before but I have definitely seen  her about A LOT. But where have I seen her about? I honestly don’t know. As Sam provided me with this beer to test I can’t even call on my shopping receipt to work out where this brew came to me via. My conclusion is that this beer is sold in all supermarkets, most bottle shops and some restaurants. I’m basing this on absolutely nothing but to be so familiar with a beer without ever drinking means that surely this must be the case.

Now, at last, I have an Anchor Steam Beer in front of me and my first question (and possibly the reason that I have not purchased nor drunk) was, what is it? Lager? Ale? Well, according to our brewer’s message to us on the label, it’s beer. A unique beer like no other in the world apparently. I mean, I admire the bravery here from the Anchor Brewery, you really do have to have stones of steel to not classify your beer. And if you do go down this path, you better hope the product you’re turning out is a good one…….

Yeah, it is.

I thought it was going to be nodding towards lager for some reason pre sipping but for me this falls bang into the Pale Ale bracket. The aroma coming isn’t amazing though is pleasant enough. It’s very fruity with an almost strawberry vibe going on, nice but not amazing. It’s once you’re sipping on ASB that you realise that you’re dealing with a very good beer indeed. There is a lovely creamy texture to it that is accompanied by a very bitter taste that continues into the after taste. I have a feeling ASB would fly down pretty quickly in the correct setting because it is nice and smooth and that high bitterness keeps you coming back for more. However, it’s that bitterness level that would probably put a halt on you having too many.

Over all a pretty smashing BEER I have to say and I hope, widely available!

Jymi’s Rating: 77%



What is Anchor Steam Beer? As in, what class of beer does it sit in? Is it an ale? Or is it a lager? Definitely not a stout.
Let us not ponder it’s classification for too long because what it most definitely is, is a quality beer. There’s not much going on with the nose. But the drinking is fantastic. And the strange thing is, I am not really sure why it is. You see, it doesn’t have many flavour notes. It doesn’t have a predominant up front, smack you in the face hook. What Anchor Steam Beer does have though, is an exceptionally well balanced flavour, neither too long nor too short. It’s sharp but not bitter. It’s a very clean taste. It keeps you wanting more.
As an overall package, I really like Anchor Steam Beer. It has mystique about it and has a great story. It has transcended time and managed to keep finding it’s own place in a crowded beer market. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other that what it is. It’s proud of being what it is. And clearly, it works incredibly well. It doesn’t need to be anything other than what it is.
I’m off to have another…


Sammy’s Rating: 90%




MOB review next weekend: LØWLANDER IPA by LØWLANDER BEER CO.








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