BREWER: Jubel Beer, South London, England

STYLE: Flavoured Lager

ABV: 4%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle


INSTAGRAM: jubelbeer

DATE POSTED: 21st March 2020



Urban suggests something cool, on trend, hip even. Yet this Urban is cut with elderflower. And let’s be honest, that’s not very urban at all, is it? Actually, it’s quite rural. And, almost a little bit gimmicky.

But let us not shoot it down before the lids even been popped off of the bottle…

Smelling like elderflower cordial is good, if you’re looking for an elderflower cordial. I’m not sure it works so well on a beer, particularly one called Urban. Not quite getting the vibe of this yet.

Look, when you drink Urban, it’s not terrible. But it’s not good. It’s quite watery and not really beer like. I’d say it’s more like a shandy with elderflower laced through it. And that folks, ain’t how I like to drink my beer.

Would I drink it again? Hmmm, possibly yes, as a replacement for a thirst quenching shandy. However, the thing is, I’d rather have a thirst quenching beer. Like a proper beer. After all, that’s what this whole blog is about. Urban is like, well, it’s like a cordial. It’s gone in seconds but I’m not left feeling satisfied after the whole experience.

Urban is not very urban. And it’s most definitely not for this cat.

It don’t look like beer. It don’t smell like beer. It don’t taste like beer. So I’m declaring that it ain’t a beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 40%



I like beer me.

One does also like the delicate and quaint taste of the elderflower. Wonderful.

But do I like BEER CUT WITH ELDERFLOWER as Jubel so obviously tell us? No, not really.

I have to say as soon as I knew this was coming up to test my head thought that Elderflower beer could defiantly NOT work unless it was a super light ale or a lager. Thankfully when I read the slightly off the wall writings (I know, I can’t talk) on the back of the bottle I was told that Urban was a lager. So it had a chance of at least working. But it didn’t.

The taste, well, is one of elderflower at the start and then cuts to lager. Though not disgusting it really isn’t what you want from your brew. The only positive that can be drawn is that in a super hot setting like a beach chill or over at a pals for a BBQ, as long as super cold it would go down well, almost like a soft drink. However it would actually become very sickly very quickly.

This is just a confused beer really, if you can even call it a beer. I admire the bravery and innovation here but sorry Jubel, I’m just not a fan.

Jymi’s Rating: 47%




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