BREWER: Molson Coors, Staffordshire, England

STYLE: Wheat Ale

ABV: 5.4%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @BlueMoonBrewCo

INSTAGRAM: #bluemoonbeer

DATE OF POST: 18th July 2020



The first thing to note about Blue Moon is that it’s a Belgian styled beer. This doesn’t make it a Belgian beer. That’s a little like saying a sparkling wine is a Champagne styled wine and it just ain’t the case folks. Let’s cut to the chase, if it ain’t a Belgian, it ain’t a Belgian. Call it what it is. It’s a wheat beer. It’s a white wheat beer. And it’s brewed by Molson Coors, which, if we are going to be honest, most certainly isn’t a renowned Belgian brewing house.

What do I like about Blue Moon? I like the name, suggesting rarity and something special. I like the styling, retro and cool.

That’s where my liking of BM stops.

You see, it’s too smooth and creamy. It has no bite. There’s a hint of orange but it has a thick mouthfeel. The claimed ‘refreshing citrus taste’ is nowhere to be found. BM is just plain old bland, brewed for the mass market. It doesn’t stick its neck out in any shape or form. Sad times.

I’m sure at some point in its past, BM was a good beer. The concept was probably strong. Then it got swallowed up by a huge brewing house, which doesn’t always mean things go downhill, and that destroyed its integrity.

BMs not terrible. It’s just so vanilla. So middle of the road. Magnolia.

Sammy’s Rating: 53%



Other than this beer test I’m doing now, the only other time that Blue Moon has passed MOBJymi’s lips was as an opening pint to one of the booziest nights of my life. It was just Sammy and I having the pint but it lead to a few pints of something else which then lead to about 35 bottles of wine and 11 bottles of whisky… each. The fact this was the night before Sam’s wedding where I was best man is best ignored.

From memory the thoughts we both had about Blue Moon on that fateful night were not great. It was a sunny, balmy early evening and we were sat in a tranquil beer garden. So any half decent beer really should have raised an eyebrow of approval. But no, all I remember is us saying to each other that it was alright and not much more. And that really is ALL I REMEMBER.

And I’ll be honest now I’ve finished this bottle in front of me and I start to put pen to paper (finger to key) not much has changed. The bottle look for me is so so, as was the tap head on that fateful night. The nose is ok I suppose but fades very quickly. And the taste is, well you guessed it pretty basic and boring. It’s not bad, it’s not horrible and if someone handed me one I wouldn’t turn my nose but honestly… it’s not worth having on your radar.

Word on the Orange Tree is that popping a slice of fresh orange into this drink can work well and I really think it would if I’m honest. But it’s not mentioned on the bottle and if a beer needs something else to help it along the way then it can’t really be a very good beer now can it?

A certain, currently unfortunately named beer springs to mind…

All in all, average at very best.

Jymi’s Rating: 53%




MOB review next weekend: RARE BREED by BUTCOMBE BREWING CO


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