BREWER: Meantime Brewing Company, South East London, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.3%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @MeantimeBrewing

INSTAGRAM: meantimebrewing

DATE OF POST: 22nd August 2020



So, some time ago, how long I’m actually not sure, I found myself in a pub in Kew, West London supping on a pint of London Pale Ale by Meantime Brewing Company. At the time of this supping I had no real idea who Meantime were and certainly didn’t have my finger on the pulse of craft brewing. I think the name of the chap I was supping with was Sammy (though can’t really be sure). He had ordered and paid for the pints so after taking a couple of sips I had to ask… What is this? It is bloomin’ lovely!! I was informed it was a Pale Ale by Meantime. Looking back at this moment I really do think it was my first jump from trad towards craft. The reason being… it was.

LPA tasted every bit like a classic British Pale Ale but there was a new world hoppy twist. So good, so intriguing.

I have to move on to today however. Now, London Pale Ale on cask still remains one of the best pints out there if you ask me. But, when it comes to the canned form I not only think it hasn’t transferred particularly well but has also been overtaken by the explosion that is this craft world we now have available to us.

This London Pale Ale is fine. Good in fact. But it is lacking a little punch. I know a classic British Pale shouldn’t necessarily have punch but there should be some heavy hop action at some point in the experience, and although there are glimmers, this beer just left me wanting a wee bit more.

Jymi’s Rating: 70%



Let’s make no bones about it, London Pale Ale from Meantime is a good beer.  It’s filled with hops, is easy to quaff down and (just about) fits the hipster image.

So, there’s much going for it.  And it was a pioneer.  Meantime were early on the brewing boat, turning out great beers of which this London Pale Ale was one.  

It’s just, things have moved on a bit so this offering doesn’t sit on top of the pile anymore.  There’s more selection, more competition and some of them are seriously good.

However, that having been said, if I see London Pale Ale on tap, I find it hard to say no.  And that’s because it’s a better cask beer than canned beer.  Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it is.

So do I like this beer.  No, I love it.  I just prefer it on tap.  

Sammy’s Rating: 78%




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