BREWER: Amundsen Brewery, Oslo, Norway


ABV: 4.7%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @amundsenbrewery

INSTAGRAM: amundsenbrewery

DATE OF POST: 29th August 2020



I love the name and the packaging combination with Everyday Hero.  It’s a tempting beer.

And in the glass it has a lovely light colour with sublime cloudiness, which is a good thing.  

The drinking is sharp crisp lemony taste, which, again, is a fab combo.

So, all things are looking good for Everyday Hero.  It’s delivering more combos than a Monday night takeaway offer.

And it even has a USP – it’s light on the fizz.  Being light on the bubbles is something I don’t mind in a beer.  However, with Everyday Hero it’s a bit of a stumbling block for it because more carbonation would carry through the flavour a little more.

It’s when you drink Everyday Hero that you get an idea of exactly what those little bubbles can do for the flavour of a beer.

All in all, EH is a good beer.  Turn up the fizzometer and we have a rocket of an ale on our hands… 

Sammy’s Rating: 79%



A tropical nose that could be any of 100 new modern IPAs, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

A zany off the wall tin design full of colour, activity, and sitting somewhere between Green Day’s seminal album Dookies artwork and Nick Dwyer of Beavertown fames masterpieces. Not a bad thing either though not too original anymore.

Now there is a reason this classic nose and barmy packaging are so common nowadays… they’re great and they sell!!

However, as ever it is the taste that will define this beer.

Everyday Hero pours a great, bright even golden colour with a touch of haze and I have to say looked very inviting. Upon sip, though not too dissimilar to the 100 IPA’s mentioned earlier,this beer did have it’s own identity. A very hop forward lemon taste led the way with a quite sharp mouthfeel as a sidekick. Once swallowed the texture became quite thin and the taste remained the same through the aftertaste. Now, a spiky lemon and bitter taste with a light finish throughout the aftertaste is not a bad thing, at all. In fact it’s a very good thing but I can’t help but feel this beer is lacking a dimension. It is missing something. Maybe it just needs a little highlight of something somewhere to break it up. Maybe it needs a little more body for a little more time. Maybe it needs a little more fizz to elevate it. I’m not totally sure what it is but Everyday Hero just needs a tweak somewhere to take it from being a little one dimensional.

All said this is a very nice IPA indeed and with a tap here and a kick there could be elevated to ‘crackin’.

Jymi’s Rating: 79%



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