THE FIRST MUSE ON BOOZE DESIGNATED DRIVER DECEMBER IS HERE – Just a brief midweek December look at some of the Non-alcoholic offerings out there and whether they pass muster or not.

Happy Christmas season to you all – Stay safe – Do not drink and drive x


Sammy say’s…

Alcohol free Stella Artois tastes surprisingly like good old full throttle Stella. Ok. It doesn’t taste exactly the same but you can definitely tell it’s a Stella. And while it lacks a little punch, it’s definitely a viable candidate for the designated driver. This is a suitable replacement for a beer should you ever find yourself in a place where you can’t have the real thing!

Credible alternative? YES

Jymi say’s…

The nose as soon as you have lifted the lid is the same as regulation Stella from a bottle. The taste whilst sipping is very very close too. Taste once swallowed kinda falls off a cliff but does improve as you work your way through the drink.

Credible alternative? YES


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