BREWER: Arkell’s, Wiltshire, England


ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @ArkellsBrewery

INSTAGRAM: arkellsbrewery

DATE OF POST: 15th January 2021



It didn’t take long for the initial promise of this beer to dissipate. The name had game, the label was pretty cool and the description of what the drinker should expect from the beer sounded lovely… citrus, dry and orange.

However, the name after pondering it for a seconds grew to be a little obvious and irritating. The factory scene of a label remained pretty cool but suddenly I felt like it could have been better and the taste, well the taste was very underwhelming. Not unpleasant, just underwhelming.

The name Hoperation IPA then began to grind my gears even more… See it doesn’t taste much like an IPA but more a classic English Pale. It’s not Hoppy enough, not strong enough and not interesting enough to call itself Hoperation IPA.

Though perfectly drinkable, it is not really for me this one.

Jymi’s Rating: 57%



First things first, what an incredible name!  It smacks of a beer that’s going to throw its weight around in the heady world of hoppiness.  While I get the packaging, it’s not really hitting the mark for me.  Having said this, it does tie in with the theme of the ‘Hoperation’, and so it’s clear that much thought has gone into the whole marketing campaign that supports this beer.  Great concept!

The nose is pleasant but super faint and quickly evaporates.  It doesn’t instil much confidence that the beer will live up to its namesake.

And sadly, thus it’s the nose, not the whole PR, that is the best lead into what Hoperation tastes like.  It’s pleasant and light but it’s so, well, beige.  The hoppy notes that I was expecting just never transpire and this is disappointing. Then, there’s the aftertaste, which has waved its goodbyes before it has even arrived.  The hint of clementine flashes across the palate but that’s about all you’re going to get for flavour.  

In the mouth, Hoperation is skeletal.  It doesn’t hold much body.  It slinks away quicker than a rat up a drainpipe.

All in all, Hoperation is a let-down.  It’s by no means terrible.  It just doesn’t have much about it.

Great concept.  Not so great in the delivery.

Sammy’s Rating: 65%



MOB review next weekend: PISTON BROKE by BOX STEAM BREWERY

TWITTER: @museonbooze




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