BREWER: Electric Bear Brewing Co, Somerset, England


ABV: 6.6%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @ElectricBearUK

INSTAGRAM: electricbearbrewing

DATE OF POST: 20th February 2021



In the last review I did for an Electric Bear brew I waxed lyrical about how amazed I was by every beer that I had ever had of theirs, but at last I have found a chink in the armour of this west country brewer. Not that I was looking for one.

Just to start, and mainly to get it off my chest, I hate the name of this beer. It’s quite clever but doesn’t really work. It’s the type of name that sounds amazing in your head while you can’t sleep or having a pissed up brainstorming session on what you’re going to call your next beer but in the cold light of day… it’s not great.

Brew wise we have a perfectly decent offering here but because I’ve experienced such highs from this brewer I’m suddenly disappointed at one of their beers simply being very good.

Ridiculous I know and I have to get past it.

IHRS is very hop forward and intense. It’s not blow your mind apart but it is full on. There is a lovely lime tone knocking around through most of the drinking journey that slowly fades after the swallow only to eventually be replaced by a large hoppy bitter aftertaste.

Jymi’s Rating: 80%



I love the way Electric Bear play with words when naming their beers. It really works for me. The same can be said for their packaging. There’s no exception with It’s Hop Rocket Science – cracking can, cracking name.
Truth be told, Electric Bear aren’t just about the marketing. They are about the brewing. It’s Hop Rocket Science is very light in colour and has an incredibly sweet nose, which is packed with tropical fruit aromas backed by hints of strawberries.
That sweetness doesn’t carry through into the drinking, which is quite sharp and has a short lived length. It’s quite acidic in the aftertaste, but not too much so to make it overbearing. It makes it crisp and refreshing.
This is a very enjoyable IPA from Electric Bear. It’s a no frills hard nose offering and is balanced just about right.


Sammy’s Rating: 82%



MOB review next weekend: SPECTRUM by ELUSIVE BREWING

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