BREWER: Kopparberg, Örebro County, Sweden

STYLE: Lager

ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 500ml clear bottle

TWITTER: @kopparberguk

INSTAGRAM: kopparberguk

DATE OF POST: 20th June 2021



We all know this brewery for its fruit cider and that cider is uber sweet.  I am not the biggest fan of sweet beers. So, understandably, I approach this Fruit Lager with trepidation.

Where to start…

Well, let’s sum it up in a sentence: Fruit Lager is very drinkable but it is not a well brewed beer.

It has the potential to get many a person in deep trouble due to it’s shandy like drinkability compared with its relative strength.

Other than that, I have nothing to say about this.  I wouldn’t go out of your way to try it.

Sammy’s Rating: 42%



Ok, lets get one thing straight…

This is a very poor beer. You can tell that no care whatsoever has been put into this brew and you wouldn’t really expect there to be to be fair, what with it being brewed by the monster that is Kopparberg.

However, for all of it’s flaws, and there are many… There is a way to enjoy this beer.

See, even though the brew is terrible, the drink itself actually tastes fine for what it is. It tastes like a shandy with a hint of lemon running through it. Now, if someone said to me…

“Jymi, do you like the taste of shandy with a little lemon running through the middle”?

I would respond

“Yes I do”.

It would be something I would very rarely drink but right place and right time a shandy can be delightful.

The trouble is this is not supposed to be a shandy, it is supposed to be a 5% lager! And this my friends is where things could get very messy very quickly.

This is the type of drink that could end up in front of you on a scorching summers afternoon whilst sitting in a lovely beer garden. You didn’t order it, your pal did and you have no idea what it is. Due to its sweet and refreshing nature after 3 sips and 18 seconds you look down and you have already finished it and another pal has done the same and already ordered you and them another. Repeat this a few times and fast forward 51 minutes and before you know it you’ve rolled into the picturesque canal that runs by the side of the lovely beer garden and you are being fished out by several members of the local canoe club. All this takes place in front of  many families just trying to have a nice afternoon meal in the sunshine.

See, a 5% lager should not taste like a lemon and lime shandy. It just shouldn’t. And as enjoyable as this would be in the sun it’s hard to even classify it as a beer really.

Jymi’s Rating: 45%


MOB review next weekend: MUSKET by TWO COCKS BREWERY

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