BREWER: Sierra Nevada, California, USA


ABV: 4.6%

VESSEL: 355ml tin

TWITTER: @SierraNevada

INSTAGRAM: sierranevada

DATE OF POST: 8th August 2021



Beer of two halves this one, and the first half wasn’t particularly exciting but we will get back to this in a bit…

First up I have to get how disappointed I am with this huge and iconic brewery off my chest.

The printing on the back of the tin is so blurry it’s illegible. Really Sierra Nevada? Really? Where is quality control? Where is the pride in the product? Where is your self respect? Do you still care?

And that brings me to the beer…

First half (taste while sipping), yeah, quite nice actually to be fair. Fairly obvious citrus flair and a good mouthfeel. However once the second half came along things totally fell apart… and I say second half came along, it actually didn’t and that is the point.

This beer has NO aftertaste. Like, nothing! What an absolute mess.

Good bye.

Jymi’s Rating: 51%



Sierra Nevada are a big player in the craft beer world. There’s no arguing it. And this fact leads you to expect big things.

Sadly, Hazy Little Thing IPA falls short.

It’s packaging is fuzzy, which you might think is a play on the name (hazy). It’s not. It’s just badly produced.

HLTIPA is hazy in the glass. And this is a small tick (not many after this I’m afraid).

The nose is light and tropical but uneventful. Sad times.

In the drinking, it’s light bodied, quite palate cleansing, easy in the mouth but packing very little flavour.

To sum up, HLTIPA is passable but by no stretch of the imagination anything more than this.

Sammy’s Rating: 58%



MOB review next weekend: CANNON BALL by MAGIC ROCK

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