BREWER: Delphic Brewing Co., Berkshire, England

STYLE: Milk Stout

ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 500ml wax dipped brown bottle

TWITTER: @delphicbrew

INSTAGRAM: delphicbrew

DATE OF POST: 7th November 2021



Right, the cap’s a bit of a fiddle to get off. But don’t let that detract from the overall impact the packaging has on I See Bread People. And let’s be honest, a little effort to get to your beer only makes you want for it more.

Aside for the wax over the cap, you’ll note that this is a gingerbread milk stout. And if that doesn’t tickle your intrigue, well, who knows what will?  On the face of it, it might seem like a gimmick. However, ISBP is anything but…

The nose is vanilla filled moving into cinnamon. For a stout, it’s quite a complex start. And the drinking has an intriguing mouthfeel which is very creamy, taking away some of the bitter notes you might expect in a stout.  All the while, there’s the hint of gingery spiciness dancing around in the background. When you combine these profiles, you are faced with a formidable drink.

While this won’t be for the stout purist, make no mistake, this is a cracking beer. It’s different and has many points of interest. ISBP is just plain old good fashioned fun.

As we enter the festive season, you won’t go far wrong hunting one of these down. And once you have your quarry, I’ll be betting you’ll be reaching for more.

Great concept. Executed perfectly.

Sammy’s Rating: 87%



Some / all of my nearest and dearest know I get a little twitchy about even the mention of Christmas outside of the majestic month of December. I love Christmas, I really do, but the longer you drag the fu**er out the more diluted it becomes and therefore ultimately less special.  Now, the reason a Gingerbread Stout (a very December sounding brew, let’s be honest) has made it into a November review is because it is amazing on every. SINGLE. LEVEL… no matter what time of year. OK, possibly not a burner of a Summers day, but still…

It is hard to know where to start here, maybe the beginning? Yeah let’s go with that.

The name and artwork for this brew are OUTSTANDING. It’s a gingerbread Stout and Zombie-esqe figures doing a The Walking Dead like surround of a gingerbread house all brought together by the name… I SEE BREAD PEOPLE!!!!????

F-me, we are at new levels of genius here… and I hadn’t even lifted the lid yet!

Nose wise, yeah great but nothing to get crazy over excited about. But once that first sip lands you start to wonder HOW THE F THIS BREW IS SOOOOOOOOOO SMOOTH? I have honestly never experienced a mouthfeel like it. Just absolutely incredible! So soft it is ridiculous. The taste is also a thing of total and utter wonderment. Now, too much Gingerbread and we would have something heavy and overpowering. The label also tells us that cinnamon and vanilla are involved. Again getting these levels wrong can totally overwhelm a beer. But no. DELPHIC HAVE NAILED IT, like properly NAILED IT!

The Gingerbread is very much there but it is subtle and not over powering at all. And again the cinnamon and vanilla are present, and need to be to elevate this brew to it’s extraordinary level, but they are not prominent in any way. They’re just there lurking in the background holding up a sign saying “everything little thing, is going to be alright”.

And it is.


Jymi’s Rating: 95%



MOB review next weekend: CRISPY PIG by HUNTER’S BREWERY

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