BREWER: Stardust, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Stout

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @stardustbrewery

INSTAGRAM: stardustbrewery 

DATE OF POST: 5th December 2021



Is Just Stout a world beater? Nope.

Is it in fact, Just Stout. Yep.

Is that a problem? Absolutely flippin’ not.

The whole theme get’s going with an unassuming tin. No craziness. No wild art. Just a very smart tin, a tin of Just Stout.

Nose wise again, not mind boggling, not fancy, very nice however. And you know what, it smells just like Stout. Funny that.

Taste is a warming caramel with a lovely dry finish. Straight to the point, no messin’, kinda Stout like, ya know…

And the more I think of it, the better the name of this brew becomes. Not many craft brewers just do a Stout nowadays.

Blueberry Muffin oatmeal Nitro Stout…tonnes of ‘em.

27.4% Coffee & molasses imperial double triple chocolate Stout collab with I’m a Big Boy Now Brewing Co, flippin’ millions it would seem.

But Just Stout, not many at all.

Sometimes you just want a good simple dark brew. And Stardust have delivered.

Jymi’s Rating: 75%



Just Stout: Great name; Great packaging.

This is a good start. I’ve been looking forward to diving into this stout from Stardust Brewery.

The first thing to note is that this bad boy is quite highly carbonated for a stout. I’m passing no judgement on that – it’s just an observation.

However, where I will pass judgement is on the beer itself (of course). And my overall view is that Stardust have made a solid stout.

Just Stout is nutty upfront, which gives way to a light fizz ending, all polished off by a slight bitterness. This does two things: it makes it a very pleasant drink and it makes it quite light for a stout. But where JS comes into its own, it’s in its session ability. Many stouts can be quite heavy. But this isn’t.

So, if your looking for a lighter stout that is still unmistakably a stout, look no further.

Sammy’s Rating: 85%



MOB review next weekend: DRAGON STOUT by DESNOES & GEDDES


Sammy & Jymi – Musing on Booze since 2017

Twitter: @museonbooze

Instagram: muse.on.booze


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