BREWER: Arundel Brewery, West Sussex, England

STYLE: Sour Ale

ABV: 7.1%

VESSEL: 400ml tin

TWITTER: @ArundelBrewery

INSTAGRAM: @arundelbrewery

DATE OF POST: 8th May 2022



Sorry Dave mate, if I can call you mate, it is not fine. It’s actually nowhere near fine, it’s flippin’ awful buddy, if I can call you buddy…

The tin art is decent, the nose from the pour was nice, the look and colour in the glass of this brew is gooood. Texture and mouthfeel is also good, actually REALLY GOOD. However the taste I’m sorry to say is all over the card.

Dave says it will be fine feels like a hit and hope to me and to be fair almost sounds like it was for our brewery here too…

I quote from the tin…

This Sour Ale is a bit of an experiment

However the can notes say that Blueberries, Pecan, Marshmallow, Cinnamon and Vanilla are involved which for me, although a little funky, if balanced should work well together.

But whatever has happened in this experiment has not worked out. This brew is way too sweet and just when you think you will be saved by the sour, it barely rocks up.

I have never gone down the road of value for money et cetera et cetera in almost 5 years of doing this but at nearly 6 snerks a tin I’m not sure I want a brewery experimenting and not really knowing what they have put out.

Total fail.

Jymi’s Rating: 31%



Can you remember when you were a child and you mixed all the soft drinks available in one glass? The aim was always to create a mega drink that was greater than the sum of its parts. And as a child, what an experiment to undertake. Of course, invariably the finished product was never the hoped for elixir. In fact, you usually ended up with some piss poor concoction barely fit for consumption.

And so it is with Dave Says it’ll be Fine.

After a promising start – a good can, the promise of sour – the end product is so poor.

While it might feel like it has been brewed well, you simply cannot throw everything at a beer, label it a sour and hope it will turn out ok. There’s so much going on with DSIWBF, that you can’t actually work out at all what’s going on with it. And at the back of it all, it’s not the note of sour that lingers but a sickly sweetness.

Arundel Brewery claim this as an experiment.  Like the mixing experiments of our childhood, this sour ale is definitely not representative of all the things that have been thrown at it. You might have seen haute cuisine with a shorter list  of ingredients.

It’s an experiment gone wrong. And, Dave, it’s far from being fine.

Sammy’s Rating: 32%




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