BREWER: Hedgedog Brewing, Surrey, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @HedgedogBrewing

INSTAGRAM: hedgedogbrewing

DATE OF POST: 12th June 2022



I’ve gone on and on about the crowed craft IPA market in many a review before. And very often my point is the the beer being tested at that moment in time, while usually not bad, drifts into obscurity due to the saturated market in which it exists. 

Well, I’m please to tell y’all that Lighthouse is different. It’s a very good effort. And ok, it’s still sitting in a tough market and it’s not a world heart, but it is a decent drop. 

The nose is packed with tropical sweetness which sounds standard for a craft pale but it does actually stand out from the crowd.  That tells you it must be a decent nose. 

The brew is crisp and bouncy and well balanced. This in itself nudges Lighthouse into very good level for a pale ale. It’s crisp, uncomplicated but very very refreshing which is aided by the development of a tropical lime flavour the further down the glass you get. 

All round Lighthouse is a good package.

Sammy’s Rating: 79%



I’ve always been a riverman. My wife and daughters can testify to that. I mean, they have never seen me actually be a man of the river but they have heard endless tales of how I was ‘born by the bank’.

The whole thing is actually a load of shit but please, don’t tell them, it’s gone too far now… the fact is I flippin hate water but I if I had to choose between being a man of the river or sea, I would 100% choose the prior. See, I’m a riverman.

However, if I was a seafarer (and to be fair the way my beard is going of late this could be on the cards you know) I would want a better looking Lighthouse than is portrayed here to guide me to safety. But luckily this is just beer tin art, and what great beer tin art it is! I can’t get over the fact that it looks like a face (intentional?) but either or, the tin looks DECENT! Proper crackers. Love it.

Beer wise we have a real goodun on our hands here. Though very fizzy in the glass the first thing that struck me with Lighthouse was it’s lovely thick texture, it is sooooo full in the mouth. The next thing that struck me (which doesn’t necessarily corroborate with the texture statement just made) is how refreshing this brew is. Thick AND refreshing?? Not sure how that’s possible but Hedgedog have pulled it off. Lighthouse is an uncomplex beer but potentially all the better for it. Pine and grassy notes support a delicate spice which makes the drinking a no nonsense yet lovely affair. In a massively crowded market this Pale Ale has a subtle point of difference and I applaud this Surrey brewer for that.

If you can find one, buy one.

It won’t blow your mind but it will make you think, man that is a decent ass brew.

Jymi’s Rating: 80%



MOB review next weekend: ALPHA by ALPHA BREWERY

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