BREWER: Gweilo Beer, South London, England


ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @gweilobeeruk

INSTAGRAM: gweilobeeruk

DATE OF POST: 10th July 2022



The day had been hot, very hot and the week had been long, very long, but it was Friday and I knew that once I had booted open the saloon doors that I’ve had installed on the front of my house, to replace the front door, it would be time to settle into Gweilo’s Rainbow Sherbet Sour.

I just had the small matter of the drive home without any air-con to help me out and the day had been hot, very hot. Not sure if I mentioned that.

I was seriously looking forward to this brew as I do enjoy a sour, especially when the weather is being kind, however there was a little apprehension in the air because, well it was a SHERBET sour that was waiting for me. Really?

Van parked, saloon doors kicked open, family nodded to, it was time…


NOSTALGICALLY REDEFINING– what the F does that even mean?! I mean, I know what it means if you know what I mean but… it is a ridiculous tag note!

Ok, this is not the best beer I have to be honest but there is a reasonable amount going for it if you go searching. There is certainly raspberry on the nose as you sip which is pleasant. There is for sure some lemon as well as raspberry in the taste which is also pleasant. However, it is fairly sweet and could do with being more sour near the end to balance it out.

The real downside is that the latter texture and aftertaste is very watery and pretty disappointing. However, I found that if you took big gulps as opposed to gentle sips this did almost get nullified. But you should be able to sip a brew to get the true story and when only sipping this sour wasn’t really doing much.

But it does have to be said, with the gulping method and the faint to non-existent aftertaste, as well as a medium ABV this beer could quite easily be a sensational summer sessioner. You can’t often say that of a sour… make of that what you will I suppose.

On a side note, I wanted to include something about the meaning of the brewery name. I’ve got some feelings about it but don’t know enough about the history of the word or the story behind giving that name to the brewery. And frankly I can’t be arsed doing a deep dive as it’s been a hot, long day…

 Jymi’s Rating: 65%



Ok, so there’s clearly a strong idea behind Rainbow Sherbet Sour: rainbow fizzy laces. And I have to say, just like I love a sour beer, I love a sour sweets. So, I find this concept intriguing and exciting…

Now, RSS definitely delivers on its promise of nostalgia. The beer does have a definite hint of rainbow fizzy sweets. And to achieve that in a beer has to be commended. It’s subtle, not overpowering in the slightest, but that just makes this beer so light and easy to drink. 

To make RSS off the charts, it needs to be sourer for my palate. I recognise that’s personal taste but that’s where I am with this beer. 

Imagine a watered-down squash that really quenches your thirst. Well, that’s how refreshing RSS is. 

There’s no doubting this is a good beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 80%



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