BREWER: Paulaner, Bavaria, Germany

STYLE: Weissbier

ABV: 5.2%

VESSEL: 0.5l brown bottle

TWITTER: Go find the German one if you can

INSTAGRAM: paulaner

DATE OF POST: 25th July 2022



So there I was on a sunny ol’ Saturday arvo about to go and tackle a wee bit of gardening…

As I was tending to the turf my mind began to wander, as it tends to do. Gardening time is thinking time don’t you know.

I thought to myself,  go hard for an hour at this, then I’m gonna kick back and test that there Paulaner sitting in the MOB test fridge.

The brain then moved onto how I may open up the review. Wander on it did until I had a wonderfully elaborate fictional story about Jurgen Klopp that could possibly conclude, if it was good enough for him, then it surely it would be good enough for me?

Beer then got tested, scored and power notes were made. I then moved to my laptop indoors to write up the findings and get my wild Klopp story off of my chest.


It then clearly became obvious that it’s Erdinger that he does the ads for isn’t it??!!   F**K , my story idea for this week’s review instantly flew right out the window.

Left a little disheartened the creative flow was stopped in it’s tracks.

So I’m afraid all you’re getting this week is the slurry I’m probably about to write below…

Paulaner, for me anyway, is a beer of two halves. Hang on, football parallel, there could be hope yet!!! I’m not talking about Jurgen Klopp am I. I need to get a flippin’ grip here, I really do.

After the predictable Weiss nose the taste in the mouth while drinking was actually really full and fairly hoppy for a wheat beer to be honest. I was pleasantly very surprised. However once swallowed the drop off the cliff flavour wise cannot be ignored. It pretty much turns to water in texture and taste. Not good.

I could certainly stick a few away on a summers day and probably actually enjoy. But when it comes to whether this is a good beer or not… I have to say it is not.

Jymi’s Rating: 44%



First off, Paulaner is a big brewing house, with a penchant for classic packaging. So, I can’t help but note how disappointed I am with this offering. The same has to be said for the name. Little thought has gone into both. But hey, we know it’s about the golden liquid on the inside that counts… 

Now, it’s a weissbier (as the name tells us) and usually that goes one of two ways: awful or surprisingly good. But on this occasion, I’m on the fence. It’s crisp upfront and quite refreshing and the wheat flavour, although there, is not at all overpowering. Sounds good, I know. However, the downside is that this quickly fades into nothingness and becomes ‘meh’ as you plough through the beverage. 

If I were to sum up, which I am about to, this is just about touching average. And in a world of beers that has so much to offer, there’s no way that I’d ever reach for this again. I include a trip to Germany in that synopsis. There are far more exciting offerings out there and way too much to enjoy to ever come back to this…

Sammy’s Rating: 45%



MOB review next weekend: ALL DAY VACAY by FOUNDERS

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