BREWER: Left Handed Giant, Bristol, England


ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @LHGBrewingco

INSTAGRAM: lefthandedgiantbrewing

DATE OF POST: 21st February 2023



I feel like I need to give Ancient Lands’ can an honourable mention.  There’s something about the pink hue that gives it an awesome impression.  If you’re a Led Zep fan (as I am), think Houses of the Holy and you’ll be in the right ball park.  The graphic on the can captures the feel and concept of the beer really well.

But the good things about AL doesn’t stop at the can. Oh no, my friends, that’s just the beginning.  

Once set free into the glass, you’re faced with a lush orange liquid.  And it needs to be said, although perhaps a little obvious – this look is very tempting indeed.

AL itself, is a hit of a beer.  It’s sourness holds off until right until the end, when it’s joined by a plethora of botanical notes.  Unlike so many other sours, it actually gets more sour as you go down the glass.  

The mouthfeel is also rather syrupy.  I know this might sound off putting.  But with AL, it’s actually a plus.  It makes for a luxurious feel, which carries the flavours of the beer really well.

As you might have guessed by now, I like this beer.  I like the concept.  I especially like the brew.  You might be asking, why then doesn’t it score slightly higher?

Well, it would if it just had a little more clarity in it’s notes.  While I do like it, the flavour becomes a little bit meshed together and the subtly of what could have been is lost.

Still, do not shy away from AL, it’s definitely one worth giving a go. 

Sammy’s Rating: 83%



With the changing of seasons, particularly Winter into Spring, folk tend to lose their minds when it comes to what clobber to saddle up with…

You’ll catch nut bars like Jymi rocking flipflops, shorts, a hoodie, sunglasses and a Minnesota Vikings bobble hat.

Folk like Ralph, our favourite landlord hitting up the wellies, tracky Bs, T-shirt and scarf look.

And we can’t ignore scary Sammy with his biker boots, salopettes, string vest and motorcycle helmet.

However, I get it, folk are longing for spring. And with thoughts of spring, dreams on supping on a Gin and Tonic of a warmer afternoon begin to enter the wandering mind.

Though it is still February, we are reviewing a Botanical Sour this week!!! A beer produced to celebrate the seasonal Gin that is Ana, by Psychopomp Microdistillery.

And wow, this a good drop!

Ancient Lands pours a fantastic orange with a nose of mango instantly making it’s way to the beer drinkers snout. The mouthfeel is exceptional. Taste wise, it’s sweet, then slightly sour with a flavour for me that was all mango and the soft carbonation really does make this brew sing. As the beer progresses the sourness begins to creep in more and more, as does hints of lime. The aftertaste is sour, really sour, and that is a good thing as brings the beer to a natural conclusion. My only tiny gripe is that it drops away a little too much before the aftertaste jets kick in.

Therefore we have an absolute cracker of a beer, but not necessarily a worldy.


Jymi’s Rating: 84%


MOB review next weekend: CARDINAL DRED by BREWBOARD

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