BREWER: Fiftytwo North (Woodforde’s Brewery), Norfolk, England

STYLE: Pale Ale 

ABV: 4.3%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @WoodfordesBeer

INSTAGRAM: woodfordesbeer

DATE OF POST: 12th March 2023



FiftyTwoNorth have something to prove to Jymi after their last outing for Muse on Booze in July ‘22. I seem to remember it being of one of the biggest differences in score that Sammy and I have had. I also seem to remember that Sammy thought the brew was ok but not off the charts. But I thought the beer, Voltage, was shocking. So as I say, something to prove…

But I’m sorry to say they have not turned the ship around, far from it. I think they have just set the coordinates for the nearest iceberg instead. Norada is a shocking beer, it’s as simple as that. There are no twists or turns nor tones or tickles, it just taste like beer, and a bad beer at that. A beer tasting like beer is not necessarily a bad thing though, as long as that beer tastes good.

But as stated somewhere upwards of 52 times now, Norada does not taste good and FiftyTwoNorth have their work cut out to turn this around for Jymi.

Jymi’s Rating: 22%



Norada is a decent drop. Not a world beater by any means. But decent. 

The aspect I like most about this brew, is the lemon theme that runs through it. Right from the outset, through the first sip to the last, there’s a nice subtle hint of lemon. This golden thread, which is evident throughout, makes Norada very refreshing. 

Ok, it’s not complex. It isn’t clever. But it is refreshing. And this makes it drinkable. 

So, how could this be improved? 

Well, for me, Norada could do with a little more body in the mouth. It’s a little light. Some might say it’s a little thin, when drinking. More body would make the lemon flavours pound on your tastebuds, rather than tickle them as it does currently. 

That said, more body would change the set up completely and that might damage what’s already good about this beer. 

All in all, good job.

Sammy’s Rating: 72%



MOB review next weekend: TRIP TO GALAXY by DORKING BREWERY

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