BREWER: Zagrebacka Pivovara, City of Zagreb, Croatia

STYLE: Lager

ABV: 5%


TWITTER: #ozujsko

INSTAGRAM: #ozujsko

DATE OF POST: 17th April 2023



Ožujsko is barely passable as a drinkable entity.  I know there are many mass-produced beers out there.  And I know that many of them are not well brewed.  But few are as bad as this.

I get it, mass production brings lack of identity.  It takes personality and puts it through a crusher so that what comes out the other side is a uniform product ready to go to worldwide distribution.  We all know that this is a necessity.  It keeps the industry going.

But Ožujsko is a prime example of just how terrible a product can be.  It has zero personality.  There’s not a hint of character beginning to emerge.  It’s been so boiled down that the drinking experience is one not worth entering into.

I can’t think of any positives about the beer.  So, I’m not going to state any.

My advice about Ožujsko would be to avoid at all costs.  There are plenty superior mass-produced beers out there.

Sammy’s Rating: 19%



Now, not being quite as fluent in Croatian as I once was meant that I didn’t understand a bleedin’ word of what the tin was trying to tell me. What I did make out was that this was a 5% lager and came in a 0.33L tin, though the second thing there I reckon I could have guessed.

So, a medium ABV lager from Croatia is what we’re dealing with this week – best crack on and let the beer do the talking.

Ok, a high and then a low with this one. And the high isn’t all that high if I’m being honest. See the sip flavour is quite pleasant. It’s refreshing and bringing an ok level of flavour and got me thinking that this may well turn out to be a fairly decent beer. However, in the swallow anything Ozujsko had going for it fell apart as the brew just falls off a cliff flavour wise, leaving me felling a little disappointed. There isn’t too much more to say here really.

The tin looks pretty cool and I’m fairly sure this would go down OK sitting by the sea in the blazing Split sunshine. But other than the initial sip this beer isn’t too good I’m afraid.

Jymi’s Rating: 39%



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