BREWER: London Fields Brewery, East London


ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

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Its a tough life you know, being a beer reviewer…

After my relaxing Sunday is over Monday rolls around and with it comes all this hard work.

Typically of a Monday once the children have left for school, I’ll visit the MOB beer cupboard and pull out the brew that is set to be reviewed next. I’ll then sit a while and take in any information that is offered up on the packaging.

What am I to expect from this beer?
What hops are used?
Any story behind the brew?
Any information at all?

Once this is done I’ll place the tin or bottle down in the middle of my breakfast bar and go and make breakfast (typically of a Monday it will be scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns served up with Encona Hot Sauce).
Once breakfast is down I’ll brew up a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea and sit back down at the breakfast bar and take a while to stare at the beer in question, absorbing the look and style of the packaging as well as the name that has been give you to the brew by its brewer. Once the cup of tea is finished I’ll then begin to tidy the kitchen but whilst doing so I’ll make sure I regularly glance towards the beer, still absorbing. I’ll then leave the kitchen and set about some odd jobs around the house. Then, after a small nap and a sink wash I’ll return to the kitchen for one final look at the beer being reviewed before leaving to go and get the my girls from school. That beer will then remain in its position, being idly glanced at until Wednesday morning.

Once awake full rested after a relaxed Tuesday (after Monday generally taking it out of me), Wednesday kicks into gear by me placing the beer into a place for it to get to the correct temperature for consumption on Friday.
The wait until test day Friday then begins….

Once Friday lunch is over things start to really tee off! There are the small matters of  glass selection, pouring, photographing, smelling, drinking and scoring the beer.. and then I’ve got to write it up! And they say nurses have it tough, honestly.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any harder, 3 Weiss Monkeys shows up.

Now, the reason 3WM really put me to work was because I didn’t like it. Now, as a pro beer reviewer that then puts you in the situation of trying to work out if it’s a good beer that is just not to your taste or a rubbish beer that just tastes…rubbish.

I’m going for the prior… just.

There is a heavy banana tone to this brew that doesn’t hang around for long at all but is very prominent up front. If the drinker is happy with this short sharp hit of bent yellow fruit then it’s not a bad beer at all. However if the drinker isn’t a fan of this approach to ale then it is probably one for them to avoid. This beer is refreshing, light and crisp and would fly down at a hot summer BBQ or with spicy ol’ grub from the East.

If you’re happy with these Monkeys bringing you bananas then give 3 Weiss Monkeys a go.. if not, just say no.

Jymi’s Rating: 62%



The only monkey I ever knew wasn’t very wise.  He heard lots of evil, saw lots of evil and spoke lots of evil.  He was quite possibly distantly related the evil monkey that resided in Chris Griffin’s (son of Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame) wardrobe. 

However, the crew at London Fields Brewery quite clearly knows some wise monkeys and have cleverly used that link to name their white, wheat beer (it’s actually a hybrid of IPA and wheat beer).  And so we have 3 Weiss Monkeys.  These wise monkeys appear to very streetwise too.  On first meeting they come across, as some kids say, on point.  The real test though is to see if they have any substance.

These three primates certainly do pack a punch on the nose.  But this punch is much more like an IPA than a wheat beer.  The look in the glass though definitely fits the brief and appears to be a cross between an IPA and a wheat beer. 

The flavour is interesting.  It really is like an IPA brewed with some malted wheat.  Part of me likes it and part of me isn’t sure.  It’s almost like drinking a slightly watered down IPA.  There is bags of fruity monkey flavour up front, which quickly subsides to give way to the wheat train.  What this leads to is a beer a little short on length in flavour, but one which is very refreshing.

These three monkeys definitely have substance.  They know what they’re about and together, they make for a different troupe compared to what we are used to.  They are a little challenging, but without a challenging monkey or three, where  would we be? 

Sammy’s Rating: 80%





MOB review next weekend: HOPADELIC by BY THE HORNS 



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BREWER: Hogs Back Brewery, Surrey

STYLE: English Ale

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml bottle

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Most people are familiar with the late Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series.  In that series, the world is on the back of a turtle.  To cut to the chase and to make my ramblings clear, the label on T.E.A. follows a similar theme, with a Surrey Village (I’m guessing) propped on the back of a hog (a nod to the brewery name).  A good theme, which is outlined by the distinctive green and orange colour scheme. 

The strength of T.E.A. lies in its very English bitterness (and I mean the brewing style, not the ill feeling one might have to others).  In the glass, you’re faced with the reassuring colour of good old English bitter.  On the nose, well, it’s what you’d look for in a good old English bitter.  And, yes you’ve guessed it, the drinking is like having a good old English bitter.

I don’t want to be insincere or unfair to T.E.A. or other bitters for that matter, but what T.E.A. is is exactly that.  You know what you’re going to get and you know when you want to have it.

It’s a solid brew, which has its place in the beer world.  O.K., it won’t set the world on fire but we all need steady eddies in our lives, even the fantasy Discworld had them. 

Sammy’s Rating: 71%



Dolly once spilt a cup a of tea on my back when I was just a wee piglet and I was being looked after by herself and my man Grampy Syd (who would have been 110 on this very day incidentally). There was a full panic flap about it I seem to remember, I learnt the word Scald for the first time, but I also remember being totally fine throughout the whole experience and enjoying the warm electric fire and dull lighting (plus the attention).

Syd, the husband of the aforementioned Dolly and my aforementioned man taught Jymi to never ever say no if offered a cup of tea or a cigarette. Seriously wise words at the time as so many of my endless friendships were founded on those two forms of relaxant.

Worthing, where the legends Fred and Ena relocated from West London to once upon a time. Jymi and the Ma, Pa and Sis (if she could pull herself away from embroidery club) used to venture there a lot. I remember check points (to monitor progress) and points of interest being mentioned so vividly on the way there.

We’re at the Devils Punch Bowl.

We’re past The Hogs Back.

Arundel Castle on the left kids.

I can see Amberley Chalk Pits.

Dolly, Syd, Fred and Ena were my Grandparents, just in case you hadn’t picked that.

When it comes to TEA by Hogs Back Brewery I have to say it pulls a lot of lovely memories back to me… Even though the beer itself has nothing to do with TEA at all (it stands for Traditional English Ale).

So praise be that this is an absolute belter of a beer!! A mighty fine glass of ale I have to say.

Up front there is a great amount of flavour. A large growing taste of almost fruity caramel envelops your moosh immediately and then it switches to a long softly fading aftertaste of what, flavour wise, can only be described as …. Splendid.

I genuinely love this beer and everything it’s about. Even to the little passage on the side of the label:

All our Fuggles hops are grown locally here in Surrey, either in our own hop garden or 4 miles away on the other side of the Hogs Back. And whilst we enjoy the beer local hogs enjoy the spent grain from our mash tun… perfect harmony in Tongham.

Love it!!

Perfect harmony in Tongham.

Perfect harmony in TEA.

Perfect harmony in me.

Jymi’s Rating: 84%







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BREWER: Bad Co., North Yorkshire 

STYLE: New England Ale

ABV: 5.8%

VESSEL: 330ml tin


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Other than Boston Tea Party tasting pretty good, everything else about this beer annoys the hell out of me, I’m sorry…

The Brewery name that play’s quite the part in the packaging of this ale is an acronym. Pretty cool… until you know what it stands for.

A misplaced trident.

A name that does not reflect the beer and a beer that does reflect that C18th moment.

The zero effort put into the packaging other than the one retract only convertible tin.

Stuff this, I’m off… for another Boston Tea Party New England Ale as it goes, because as I said.. It’s pretty good.


Jymi’s Rating: 69%



The actual Boston Tea Party, as we all know, was a protest against the Tea Act, which allowed the British East India Company to sell tea in American colonies without paying tax.  What the hecky decky has that got to do with a beer brewed in England you may ask.  Well…I don’t really know…

Anyway, a point of interest is the way that the can opens.  I’m not even going to enter into trying to describe it.  The best way to find out is to get your hands on one.

Boston Tea Party is a lively little number and has an incredible colour, which is made all the more tempting by its natural, unfiltered haze.  

In the drinking, Boston Tea Party is light and very pleasant.  This is fully supported by its aroma, which is very fruity.  What’s a little different about BTP is that it’s short on length in the flavour.  Personally, I prefer something a little longer on the palate and a smidge heavier on the flavometer. 

It doesn’t jump out from the crowd, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Sammy’s Rating: 78%




MOB review next weekend: T.E.A. by HOGS BACK BREWERY



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BREWER: Malt Coast Brewey, Norfolk

STYLE: Amber Ale

ABV: 4.7%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: errrrrr… too cool for Twitter? We like that. 

INSTAGRAM: maltcoast 



Good ale this I have to say.

Very dark pour for an amber which took me aback. Also the nose though actually very pleasant was very, very faint. Add this to packaging that doesn’t draw the eye nor say to the consumer… GRAB ME.

So it wasn’t until I actually sipped this beer that I started to get excited. So light, so delicate, she is a delight. The taste is of semi sweet malt that is then finished off by a soft bitter hop after taste. What is clever about MCAA is that it would fit into the majority of drinking situations.

Hot Summers day? Yes, due to how light and soft it is.

Chilly Winters evening? Yes, due to the warming malty nature of the taste.

Swifty after work? Yes, due to it tasting great.

Long session in a rustic pub? Yes, due to it’s warming nature again but predominaly because it’s so light and smooth you could drink it for hours if not days or possibly even months.

Few quick ones in a snazzy bar? Yes, the taste though soft is great so three or four of these would satisfy the drinker due how generally enjoyable it is.

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised as the lead up was not inspiring..

The bottle though not at all bad hasn’t got a lot going for it. I like the art work however.

As mentioned, the nose is weak and the colour surprising.

So when it came to the drinking of this all round understated ale it was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

CALLING ALL BEER HUNTERS… Go find and consume, you will not be disappointed.

Jymi’s Rating: 77%



Some facts on Malt Coast and on one of it’s core beers, Amber Ale: 

  1. Malt Coast is not actually a real place, so don’t try to Google it.
  2. The label on this fella is packed with loads of great facts.
  3. There’s a painting on the logo.  It might be by someone famous but it might not.  It’s probably of a Malt Coast.  But this is a beer review, so enough of that.
  4. Amber Ale is described by Malt Coast as a sundowner.  I assume they mean it’s great for drinking at sundown and not that it will actually make the sun fall out of the sky.
  5. When in the glass, Amber Ale is definitely amber.  I like that.
  6. It smells nice and light and is definitely a great balance of hops and malt on the nose.  Makes me want to drink it.
  7. When I do start drinking it, I want to keep drinking it because it’s a very well balanced beer.
  8. This is one of the best amber ales I’ve had.  It bridges modern and old brews incredibly skillfully.
  9. All beer drinkers should try Amber Ale by Malt Coast.
  10. It’s a great beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 86%




MOB review next weekend: BOSTON TEA PARTY by BAD CO. 


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BREWER: Wimbledon Brewery, South-West London

STYLE: Red Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

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Sometimes things are different from what they appear.
Copper is a North American red ale. It most certainly looks like a red ale, so this is not a case of something being different in its appearance to ones expectations.
But where Copper does differ in its expectation is its smell. You see Copper has a tropical, sweet smell and this is not what one would expect. It’s not the marriage you’d be looking for but it actually works. And I have to say, this nose busting experience pleasantly surprised me.
Some of that sweetness translates into its flavour. There is a hint of tropicalness on the palate, which echos some modern IPAs, but it doesn’t last long. It’s soon replaced by short spice aftertaste, which also very quickly disappears. This is where Copper comes a little unstuck as although there is good flavour there it’s a little too quick on the taste buds.
One of the best things about Copper is the dry finish that each sip ends with. It almost cleans the palate and gets you ready for the next sip. And then the process begins again. Before you know it, the can is finished and well, you’re ready for the next.
It’s fair to say that Copper is a very refreshing beer. It’s easy to drink and there’s a place for it in ones beer repertoire. A little more lingering of the flavour could elevate Copper to the exceptional level.


Sammy’s Rating: 76%




4.5% you say Wimbledon brewery?

Ok then.

So why oh why whilst gently sipping this brew and reading the info put forward on the tin can I not actually make out what you guys have written?

  1. Am I too drunk? I’d say no after two sips, though it has been a very long week :/
  2. Have my eyes just gorn generally nowadays?
  3. Have you just printed the abundance of information way too small?

The answer is 3.. (I hope anyway).

Also, when it came to the packaging generally it got me in a wonder as to why I didn’t particularly like it… considering I quite liked it! After a fair bit of musing I worked it out. It was the copper section around the top of the tin. Disaster stuff. Without that this pin striped packaged Red Ale would look super classy but as it is… it doesn’t.

A final thought on the external, the griffin like being rising from what I hope is a hop is great! However the regurgitation of an over sized sprig of rye is disconcerting to say the least.

Anyway, let us get the internal external.

Oh no, I’m off straight back to the tin design. Reason being is it’s such a shame that Wimbledon Brewery stuck the copper at the top of the can thus reducing the class of this brew…. Because on tasting Copper, this sucker is oooozing class!!

It’s so so soft and delicate. Super light to drink and just great. There isn’t a huge flavour hit or anything complex going on but that doesn’t matter as this is just such a tidy, smart and neat brew. Well worth a try I have to say.

Wimbledon Brewery you have done a smashing job with this American Red Ale, just have a word with the team who are in charge of the upper 20% of the tin design yeah?

Jymi’s Rating: 79%






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BREWER: Brouwerij HOOP, North Holland


ABV: 6.4%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: @BrouwerijHoop

INSTAGRAM: brouwerij_hoop




Kaper translated loosely from Dutch to English means Pirate.
Now, I’m not saying my father in law hires canoes and then patrols the Thames with sinister intent looking for unsuspecting river dwellers to broadside and then pilfer their picnic. Nor am I saying that he sails off the coast of East Africa trying to spot vulnerable out of town ocean goers to relieve them of their gold. NOR am I saying that he has spent time on the Caribbean seas in a schooner waiting to pounce on a vessel carrying supplies. But I AM saying that he is a pirate, a proper full on pirate. I mean he has a beard named Mr Tuffty for crying out loud and it doesn’t get more pirate than that now does it?! Now I know I am not blood related to this legend of a man but I am part of his family so I’m kind of thinking that makes me part pirate doesn’t it? I do currently own a beard, I do love a rum and I also have holes in my ears on top of the ones that Gawwwd gave me. So I reckon I’m part pirate.

Now with a beer named (so brilliantly may I add) Pirate I’m looking for certain characteristics in look and taste to back this name up. I want the bottle to be rugged and piratey. And I want the taste to be strong with bags of character.

Visually, as much as I like the look of the bottle, I really do… it’s a bit soft and not all up in yo face like it maybe should be donning such a name. On the label there are a brace of galleon rolling on the high sea which I suppose is pretty pirate like but it’s not as angry and scary as it maybe should be. The skull centrepiece looks like it’s wearing a fez too, which is odd.
The taste is one of a bitter orange with a bitter pine taste to finish. But most importantly, the taste is strong and robust. VERY PIRATY INDEED! The nose I might add is terrible which again backs up this Pirate theme! Well done… I think.

All in all we have a very enjoyable IPA here that is stacked full of character and all packaged up in a thoroughly pleasant bottle with a chest load of info on it.
We’re not full on Pirate mode with Kaper but more like nice Pirate mode.
Which brings us seamlessly back round to my father in law… The nice Pirate.

Jymi’s Rating: 71%



Hoop’s Kaper has an interesting look, which is somewhere in between old school European beer and modern craft. For me, it works. It looks classy and has bags of cleverly placed information on the label all of which is done so in a neat way. And what all of this leads to is a very tempting proposition, one which I really hope delivers…
The first thing to note on opening is this is very lively and you’ll do well not have some overspill on lifting the lid. Proceed with caution. However, what this means is that Kaper looks great in the glass. The head sets off the deep amber colour and it’s a real tempter.
The nose is light but has hints of sour citrus. This almost carries through into the taste, which is a little like grapefruit upfront followed by a short after taste of a dry wine. While this might sound not too good, it actually works really well. It gives Kaper a very light feel and it’s crisp in the mouth.
Kaper would be welcome on many occasions. It’s well branded and works well to drink. All in all, this is definitely a Continental brew but with a good hint of modernity. It makes me happy and takes me to good places.


Sammy’s Rating: 79%




MOB review next weekend: COPPER by WIMBLEDON BREWERY



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BREWER: Davo Bieren, Overijssel


ABV: 7.5%

VESSEL: 33cl bottle


INSTAGRAM: davobieren 



Davo – ridiculous name for a beer.

Davo – appalling packaging, into which no thought has been put.   Poor colour scheme that is very outdated.

Davo – pulls on the salvia glands and sucks the life out of them so that the mouth is left incredibly dry.

Davo – Sharp taste when drinking, which is like paint stripper for the tongue.

Davo – not too much going for it.

Davo – it’s not the beer for Samo!

Sammy’s Rating: 44%



It’s hard to get excited about a beer that externally looks like it has been discarded at an inner city bus stop by a drunken old goat. But here we have it, the IPA from Davo Beiren staring at me, and I was definitely not excited to be on the brink of testing it, I can tell yee. The fact that this ale was 7.5%, along with the look of the bottle only added to my dread and took my thoughts back to the soppy goat that chucked his beer at the bus stop. I was not feeling this at all I have to say.

But, after a fair amount of staring back at Davo I PA from afar it was time to pull myself together and get on with the task in hand.

On closer inspection of the bottle the finer detail of the label was actually quite cool, bringing an almost North West African vibe to the table. But there was still no getting away from it, the packaging was shockingly unappealing. Look, there are plenty of beers out there with poor packaging that taste great and conversely there are some incredibly dressed up beers out there that just fail to deliver. But there is still no getting away from it, if the bottle looks bad the appeal to the drinker to drink it has to dip.

When at last pouring my D’IPA from its murky brown bottle into my freshly dishwashed then hand polished glass things began to look up and my excitement began to grow. The nose coming off from this brew was lovely. A real malty but citrus whiff made its way to me and suddenly dread was replaced with intrigue. The look of this beer in the glass was also a delight which helped morale even further.

Now the drinking of this ale was actually very pleasant, a citrus yet malty taste as you would expect from an IPA. There was also bags of carbonation but somehow Davo remained smooth enough when chugging down. So I’ll state now that I enjoyed the taste of this IPA, the only trouble is THIS IS NOT AN IPA. Where did the hops go? There is literally no hop tone to this beer at all.

Pleasant. Disappointing. Fraudulent.

Jymi’s Rating: 60%




MOB review next weekend: KAPER by BROUWERIJ HOOP



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