BREWER: Cold Town Brewery, Midlothian, Scotland

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.1%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: #coldtownbrewery

INSTAGRAM: #coldtownbrewery

DATE OF POST: 13th February 2022



I’m sorry… I tried to like this beer from start to finish, but it let me down… from start to finish.

I wanted this to work as it’s from a brewer I’ve not heard of until now so naturally want to discover something special. But unfortunately, at every turn thing’s did not go well.

I’m going to have to start with the name… what the fuck is it called? My initial notes called it COLD TOWN BEER as it says that on the tin. My first draft of this post called it COLD SMASH BEER as it says that on the tin as well . Sammy’s review that was emailed to me to upload was titled CHINOOK SMASH PALE as it says that on the tin too!!?  I mean, I was confused but can’t help but feel that it was not my fault.

Moving onto the beer I do admire a single hop and single malt approach as it leaves the brewer nowhere to hide. It’s a brave thing to take on. There have been some outstanding efforts but also some that have left the drinker very much wanting, and I’m afraid to say COLD TOWN BEER / COLD SMASH BEER / CHINOOK SMASH PALE (what is it with this SMASH thing??) is very much the latter.

This is a poor beer I’m sorry to say. The lack of carbonation doesn’t help it from the off. Literally zero aftertaste wasn’t great for this beer when it came to the scoring side of life either. The taste in sip does pass muster but is in and out in a flash. This is where I tried to push through some positivity… but no, I’m sorry, this is just a substandard brew.

Jymi’s Rating: 29%



So, a single hopped beer (chinook) smashed with Marris otter barley. I love the concept. And that’s exactly what Chinook Smash is.

Whilst there’s not depth in the flavour, the caramel and lemon notes are unmistakable. And the simplicity of the beer makes it an easy drink. It slips down with no complaints.

Look, this is a good beer. It’s just never going to excel because of what it is. CSP is great for cutting your teeth on a single hopped beer. Like similar concept beers, it’ll help hone one’s ability to pick out notes of specific hops.

Also, given this at a social gathering, it’s easy to drink and will provide a discussion point.  But CSP is not one to have for an enjoyable beer of and evening.

In summary, CSP is great for improving tasting skills and slipping down the gullet at a social event. But it’s not particularly one to be enjoyed mulling over life at home.

Sammy’s Rating: 62%



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BREWER: Moon Gazer, Norfolk, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @moongazerale

INSTAGRAM: moongazerale

DATE OF POST: 6th February 2022



I think, I think, it’s fair to say that 440ml tins of beer are more associated with the modern side of life when it comes to craft beer. The more traditional style of brewing normally get’s served to us in a 500ml glass bottle.

Now what Moon Gazer have done is somehow bring a traditional look to a 440ml can. Pretty clever to be fair, but I’m afraid they have also missed out on the opportunity to produce a really cool looking vessel. See, the top half of the can is very good indeed with all those little hare’s sitting behind the larger more prominent hare. If they had stuck with this for the whole can art it would have been a hats off moment I think. But with the bottom half of the art as it is, I’m just not that much of a fan. It is really confused and clunky.

Beer wise. what was I going to get?

A modern zingy citrus hazy pale. Or a traditional English Pale Ale? I had no idea…

Once sipping it became apparent that it was somewhere in between the two, again pretty clever. But again missing the mark a little. The citrus hoppy upfront flavour certainly nodded to a more craft style but it’s lack of punch and haze made it feel like there were nods to a more traditional beer style too.

A pleasant enough brew but nothing to write home about.

Jymi’s Rating: 53%



I’ve never met a hazy hare. In fact, I’ve never met a hare. I’d like to. But I’ll settle for Hazy Hare – the beer.  It’s a cracking can, to be fair. Lovey colour combination with a well thought out design.

Anyway. I’m waffling.

Onto the beer.

In a nutshell, HH is a very good beer.

In the glass, it’s pale, as promised. And while it’s not too complex by any stretch of the imagination, there are definitely enough pops and mini explosions of biscuity tropicalness to keep you interested throughout.

Where HH would come into its own would be on a summer’s day. It’s very easy to drink and would keep you refreshed one after another.

Well done.

Sammy’s Rating: 78%



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BREWER: Two Cocks Brewery, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Bitter

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @TwoCocksBrewery

INSTAGRAM: twococksbrewery

DATE OF POST: 30th January 2022



So we are back with our feathered friends Two Cocks Brewery and once again excitement is high! Reason being is that this brewery has made quite the avian footprint (talon print? Chicken paw print? F knows) on Muse on Booze! I’m fairly sure 3 out of the 4 brews we have reviewed from these legends has held top spot at time of review. I should probably check the archives to make sure of this. I know for sure one has, as the impregnable Viscount still sits on top of the lot and has done for 55weeks!!!

FFS, I’m going to have to check the archives aren’t I?!!

Hold up…












Right, I’ve got a stitch now…

Leveller was tested on 03.11.17 and was the highest rated beer after testing (84.5%)

Puritan was tested on 08.12.17 and was the highest rated beer after testing (88%)

Viscount was tested on 08.01.21 and was (and still is sitting at number 1) the highest rated beer after testing (96.5%)

Musket was tested on 27.06.21 and didn’t ever sit atop o’tree but still smaaaaaashed it! (87.5%)


So the pressure was steeped high on Roundhead, but not the brewery as they have nothing to prove to me whatsoever.

Here goes…

Ok, it’s not hit top spot, but beating 96 point flippin 5 is no mean feat!

However, Roundhead unsurprisingly is a really, really nice beer.

Solid as it comes this and any traditional beer drinker would give a nod of approval here. If they were in company I would imagine statements like “serious pint that Ralph” and “that is a beauty Peter” would be uttered. And those statements would be more than true.

A proper solid bitter with a malty biscuit backbone that will keep you coming back for more.

Feathered cap doffed YET. A. GAAAAIN.

Jymi’s Rating: 82%



I’m always excited before I dive into a Two Cocks beers. It’s strange, because I know I’ll never be disappointed. And so it is with Roundhead, a best bitter from the brewers in Newbury.

Roundhead is so well balanced with a slight sweetness giving way to a pleasant, medium bitterness. The hint of caramel throughout is delightful. All in all, it’s another wonderful beer from this brewery, which is just a pleasure to drink.

While it might be thin and uncomplicated, it’s so drinkable and light. The coating Roundhead gives your mouth is awesome. You just want to keep on going back for more. And more. And more. This beer would be well placed anytime of year. It’s surprisingly refreshing on a warmer day.

If you haven’t ventured into the heady world of Two Cocks yet, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start at all. Roundhead is likely to please a wide range of beer drinkers.

Once again, great job!

Sammy’s Rating: 85%



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BREWER: Hofbräu, Bavaria, Germany

STYLE: Dunkel

ABV: 5.5%

VESSEL: 0.5l

TWITTER: #hofbrau

INSTAGRAM: hofbraeuhaus_muenchen

DATE OF POST: 23rd January 2022



Hofbrau is a big brewing house that’s a fact. It has a formidable presence in the German world of beers. And ergo, the world of beers in general. Having given such an intro, they could have done a little better with the packaging on this beer. I mean, I love a trad approach to marketing but put a little effort into it…

Dunkel smells dark. It’s got a strong caramel aroma. The darkness and the caramel work well in tandem, giving an enticing lead in to the beer…

But, alas, there the intrigue and mystique ends.

You see, it’s quite light in the mouth for a dark beer. And dare I say it, Dunkel is lacking a little punch in the taste department. No I do dare say it: it’s lacking body and spirit. That’s not to say it’s bad. It’s just a bit of an anti-climax.

To be honest, what it feels like has happened here is that Dunkel has been toned down to appeal to the mass market. And that’s a shame. Because it’s become very mediocre in the process.

Not bad by any of the stretch of the imagination. But not good either.

Sammy’s Rating: 55%



It was the traditional Sausage and Mash that I ordered. As did the dude to my left. As well as the 30 lads and lasses to his left. To my right it was a similar story but my eyes were foggy and the table was long so I could be wrong. Either way, there were a lot of people, even more meat n spuds and EVEN MORE BEER on the table I was sitting at at the legendry haunt that is the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. The beer was flowing and the atmosphere was pumping and it wasn’t long before my food was in front of me. My man to my left, let’s call him Larry, received his scran at the same time as me. It wasn’t long before he had a knife load of something up in my face asking… Is this cheese? I looked at Larry, well I tried to, and said, have you sniffed it? He had not and proceeded to do so…

Smells like cheese, said Larry and proceeded to eat the whole knife full, no banger, no spud, pure cheese…

But it was not cheese… It was freshly grated horseradish.

Though I really did try not to laugh at what happened next it was literally impossible. Larry, I’m sorry, and may God be with you all these years on as I assume you are still getting over what happened that day. F**k me, proper funny, I’m crying with laughter again now just thinking about it.

Anyway, here I am today faced with this Dunkel and the first thing that fills my heart with joy is seeing that iconic brauhaus on the label. Do not get me wrong, the label on the face of it looks shit, but add what it’s all about and for me it’s cracking. And I have to say, even though this beer is fairly straight forward, which is not necessarily a criticism, I flippin’ love it!

The dark cherry red appearance in the glass, the fabulous cherry fruit nose, the smooth and not too carbonated texture for a lager, the deep winter fruit taste…

I just really enjoyed this beer from start to finish I have to say.

Hold the horseradish – bring on the cheese…

Actually, bring on the horseradish too, fk it.

Jymi’s Rating: 84%



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BREWER: Skinner’s Brewery, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Skinnersbrewery

INSTAGRAM: skinnersbrewery

DATE OF POST: 16th January 2022



Porthleven is a town in Cornwall. Now, it’s also a beer because the beer is named after the town. And that’s a fact. There you go folks.

Porthleven (the beer, not the town) is zesty, floral and light. Sounds great. Well, it would be if there were more complexity or body to bulk it out. As it is, it’s very drinkable but very unremarkable.

Now, Porthleven, the town that is, is a beautiful place. It’s somewhere that one would be able to go back to time and again and never tire. It really is worth the visit. And it’s definitely worthy of having a beer named after it. It would be nice if that beer were a little more special.

Oh well…

Sammy’s Rating: 61%



I’m not entirely sure what it is…

The colours on the label of Porthleven are great. Vibrant, yet somehow dark. Big fan. The artwork is cracking too. Anything that resembles Ricky from Trailer Park Boys on a board is going to be a big hit with me. I also LOVE the crest of the wave, that isn’t backed up with the head on this beer but from a pure visual standpoint, I love it.

However, I just was not that much of a fan of the overall appearance of the bottle. How can you like all factors of the packaging A LOT but not be a fan of the actual packaging?? Question for the experts that one as it is way beyond me.

Just before popping P the whole Untameable Pale Ale hook line got to me a bit I have to say. I mean, what the F does that even mean?? If it was 11.5% then ok, let’s talk untameable. If it knew it was carbonated beyond belief and would take the nose off of any unsuspecting lid lifter then ok, untameable. Dunno, it’s all just hot air sometimes… bit like this blog #eyeemoji

But to the beer we go and Jymi boy is a fan! The first thing that struck me was… you can tell this is a Skinnner’s brew! I then had to work out why you could tell it was a product of this fine Cornish brewery (again, an expert here would be good). Ultimately, I put it down to the mouthfeel and not the taste. Betty Stoggs and Lushingtons felt the same to me but certainly did not taste the same so it had the be the texture. That Cornish water they use has to have something to do with it, it has to (water purity expert anywhere? No? Ok).

All in all this beer didn’t blow me away but I did really enjoy it. It is light, refreshing and crisp. Alright, there isn’t too much going on complexity wise but once you got into a few of this very drinkable Pale you would do well to tame it.


Jymi’s Rating: 74%



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BREWER: Dark Star Brewing Co., West Sussex, England


ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @Darkstarbrewco

INSTAGRAM: darkstarbrewco

DATE OF POST: 9th January 2021



I’m fairly sure we have all had those dog shit days at work followed by a journey home that really takes the piss after an already challenging day…

I hate the term, it’s just one of those days, because it’s not, it’s just about how you are felling on said day and how the negative stuff gets to you, or not as the case may be.

However, the day I had when I first met Skylab for the first time was a genuine fu**er. I won’t go into the ins and outs but the day at work could have been better and on the journey home I hit 7/7 red lights as well as queuing for 20 mins to buy a savoy cabbage.

But Skylab did greet me upon my return home. And I enjoyed it, quite a lot actually. The mini review in my head went…

Awful can, is this a rebrand? Trying VERY hard. Really nice brew though.

And I left it there.

Fast forward 8 weeks to today and I have Skylab by Asahi owned Dark Star sitting in front of me ready to go under the MOB nose officially.

My thoughts on the tin haven’t changed. I do admire the bold let’s shake this up angle and the brewery name and logo do stand out VERY well. The general artwork is also pretty cool but personally as a whole I’m not a fan. Good concept gone bad I fear.

And unfortunately the beer under test conditions only came out as average too. It’s nice, it is. And it ticks all the boxes for a session IPA with the HOP TRIO of Simcoe, Columbus and Mosaic on show. But it’s just a little underwhelming and obvious for me.

Out of this world beer it is not.

Jymi’s Rating: 61%



When your strap line is ‘Out of This World Beer’, you are setting a high bench mark by which to be judged. And that’s exactly what Dark Star has done with Skylab!

The packaging is quite clearly out of this world. Well, it’s a space scene. That’s one box successfully ticked.

But beers are not about their cans, just like books are not about their covers. And sadly, if Skylab were a book, it would not be living up to the promised out of this worldliness.

Don’t get me wrong, Skylab is not in anyway bad. It’s crisp and has a sharp fizz finish. It’s just very… average. And average in craft IPA world ain’t going to get you very far.

That being said, I’d still happily chug one down if offered at a party.

Sammy’s Rating: 65%



MOB review next weekend: PORTHLEVEN by SKINNER’S BREWERY

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BREWER: Burnt Mill Brewery, Suffolk, England

STYLE: Coffee Porter

ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @BurntMillBeer

INSTAGRAM: burntmillbrewery

DATE OF POST: 2nd January 2022



I hate starting a review on a negative, even if there is no positive to be had. I fear I have done this maybe a little too much over the years. Without re-reading our 200+ reviews I think this is probably because if I don’t like the packaging of a brew I’ll more than likely mention that first. Because that is your introduction to the beer, no? So may as well report that first up.

But anyway… I really, really, really do not like Higher Grounds tin art AT ALL!!!

Do not get me wrong, it is a cracking photograph with wonderful colours… but for beer tin art accompanying that name?? Come on, did they miss the amazing play on words available here?

Anyway, onto the contents, that has no control of what it’s packed in and there is lots to report!

Now, this could have just been me or possibly the glass (though I’ve had many successful Porter visits to this vessel) but I’m blaming the brew I’m afraid. As you can see from the picture, this m*f* blew up! It took about 5 mins of settling and mini pouring to even get it to what you see in the picture. During the quite frustrating settling process a nose of lovely rich liquorice and coffee did emanate. Once the head settled / dissipated / been lip hoovered up, it was time to finally get stuck into this brew for real.

Instant thoughts were that it was quite thin in body, however it is a porter at the end of the day and to be fair its viscosity is what lead to the lovely mouthfeel. Taste was good but what happened 5 seconds after the swallow was a real masterstroke. A faint chocolate aftertaste slowly crept in and lingered. And lingered. And lingered. Utterly delightful!!!

However, the aftertaste went on soooo long that the next visit to the glass almost clashed the with aftertaste! Slightly mind-blowing stuff and it was to the detriment of the beer unfortunately.

Look, if you took an hour to drink this 440ml of Porter I think you would have quite the brew on your hands, as you would leave time for the aftertaste to do its thing. But unfortunately, I think this beer is somehow a victim of its own quality.

Most curious.

Jymi’s Rating: 67%



Come on! What a name! A coffee porter named Higher Grounds. Genius. Alright, I know not everyone will be familiar with Red Hot Chili Peppers stadium anthem. But many would have come across a cover of it, whether that be a stripped down folk version or a ramped up rave version. In fact, many will know the original by Stevie Wonder. Ok. I’m getting a little carried away. But it is a good name.

If nothing else, the head on this coffee Porter certainly reaches high heights. It’s so carbonated that a little pour nearly takes up the pint glass. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

Going back in for a second pour and the head is back. It keeps on going. This makes HG a hard beer to pour and get large quantities in the glass.

Surprisingly, Higher Ground’s nose is actually quite sweet and for me gives no hint a flavour party inside. I have to say, I don’t find it particularly enticing.

Right. How to get this to make sense. HG definitely has the promised coffee. It’s there in abundance. From the beginning to the aftertaste coffee is punctuating this Porter. But the mouthfeel is odd. It’s syrupy upfront, which quickly dissipates to nothing.  This might be because the fizz has all come out in the head, not allowing the flavours to be carried on the carbonation.

While I don’t love everything about this brew, and it won’t be to everyone’s taste, I do absolutely love the coffee theme. Burnt Mill Brewery promised coffee, and HG delivers it in bucket loads. It’s enough to keep me coming back for more.

Sammy’s Rating: 80%



MOB review next weekend: SKYLAB by DARK STAR BREWING CO.

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BREWER: Beak Brewery, East Sussex, England

STYLE: Imperial Stout

ABV: 10%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @TheBeakBrewery

INSTAGRAM: thebeakbrewery

DATE OF POST: 26th December 2021



Before I get into just how flippin’ marvellous this beer is I want to get something off of my chest.

I genuinely thought when I picked this beer up from the mighty Hive bottle shop in Crowthorne that the folk over at Beak Brewery had done a collab with Mikkeller. This was because of the artwork. The character performing what I hope is an Oopla looks very much like a character that could well appear on some Mikkeller Brewing tin art, hence the confusion. I searched my tin hard for mention of this collab, but there was none. Can only conclude that no collaboration was had.

Curious, most curious.

Anyway, whatever, on to the beer…

F*** me this is a good brew!

It’s a dry, woody, tobacco nose that first gives you a hint that you may well have a major player on your hands. The next suggestion is the delicious and big vanilla, cherry and tobacco hit you get during the sip. The incredibly soft vanilla sweet aftertaste allows you to conclude that you are certainly dealing with a major player. To really ram home the quality of this Impy you suddenly remember this beer is actually 10%. Because it is so soft and smooth in the drinking it is very easy to forget that. It is a big big hit you’re getting from Oopla, but that is from the flavour, not the alcohol necessarily.

Oh well done BB… fire.

Jymi’s Rating: 93%



Oopla takes me right back to being a child. Odd remark to make about a beer, I know. But it gets even odder, because it’s the tobacco aromas that do it for me. Well, for those of you that can’t remember, time where folks used to light up inside. And that smoke had a homely distinctive aroma (warning, nicotine is addictive). Anyway, suffice to say, the nose on Oopla is heady.

Forget aroma though, beer is all about the drinking. And Oopla is phenomenal. The tobacco nose carries right into the drinking, where it’s paired up with chocolate notes and a little hint of liquorice. These combined notes are so well balanced it’s a wonder that Beak Brewery have managed to pull it off. Hats off to them though.

This brew is thick, unctuous, full of points of difference… it’s lush in the mouth and well worth the journey.

I know I love a stout. But Oopla is simply astounding. Please, make time in your (beer) schedule to get your hands on one of these. Believe me, it’s worth it for the experience. One for those special occasions…

Sammy’s Rating: 94%


MOB review next weekend: HIGHER GROUNDS by BURNT MILL

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BREWER: Mad Squirrel, Hertfordshire, England

STYLE: Doppelbock

ABV: 7.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @madsquirrelbrew

INSTAGRAM: madsquirrelbrew

DATE OF POST: 19th December 2021



Lager? Well, yes Abbey Doppelbock is. And that might surprise many as the first striking thing about this brew is the colour is somewhere between a dark bitter and a stout. Interesting.

When you first tuck in to Abbey, there’s a lovely rich flavour. Its deep and heavy to begin with then moving to a light finish. While it’s not complex in flavour, the drinking experience is unique because of this shift from heavy weight up front to light fizz at the end. This carries the malty flavour really well and gives Abbey a nice natural earthiness.

Although this is a lager, it’s defo one for the colder months.

Sammy’s Rating: 76%



See, a Dopplebock, for those who don’t know (as I did not until about 5 years ago) is a German style beer originally brewed by Munchen Monks way back when… Our info laden tin tells us this. Our info laden tin also tells us this beer is called Abbey, in tribute to the aforementioned Munchen Monks. Just a genius name, simple, but genius.

But it is at this point some may have a wobble. An ancient German style beer being brewed in a town North West of London famous for factory explosions and a fu**ed up roundabout. Now, I personally didn’t have a wobble as I know what is possible in the craft beer world nowadays, but I have to admit that a please Mad Squirrel, don’t have messed this up thought did cross my mind.

But those Squirrel’s had not messed it up. Our furry little Hemel Hempstead based friends had flippin’nailed it!!!

What a great beer!!

Creamy and smooth as, bringing sweetish tones in the mouth moving to bittersweet in the swallow. There is a fudge/caramel undertone here that is nothing short of fantastic and balanced out perfectly by the strong taste coming from the big boy ABV. What is worrying about this brew is that you could deffo get stuck into a few, but at this strength even a White Rhino would do well to not fall into a canal on the way to the bog.

A thoroughly enjoyable beer though. Great job indeed team MS.

Jymi’s Rating: 91%


MOB review next weekend: OOPLA by BEAK BREWERY

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BREWER: Desnoes & Geddes, Kingston, Jamaica

STYLE: Stout

ABV: 7.5%

VESSEL: 284ml brown bottle

TWITTER: #dragonstout

INSTAGRAM: dragonstoutja

DATE OF POST: 12th December 2021



Dragons are known for their fierceness and fire breathing ability. Let’s hope Dragon Stout delivers a product to match that legend.

So, straight up I obviously get why there’s a dragon on the label. I just don’t personally love it. The mystical roaring giant lizard doesn’t quite work for me on a stout. But hey – each to their own.

Stouts are not known for their aroma. But Dragon Stout promises so much from the outside. It just doesn’t have anything to back it up.

Right, into the drinking. DS is Surprisingly sweet which is ok but for me it’s not ever going to top my stout list.  There’s some pull in the aftertaste but to be honest it’s over before it’s even started.

If I step back and look at DS, the truth is it’s not doing too much at all. And it’s for this that I can’t quite get on with DS. It’s just a bit of an anti-climax.

Simple not much going on. Not terrible but not a world beater. DS is more of a fizz than a fire breathing stout.

Sammy’s Rating: 57%



I was scared… I don’t know why…

Dragons don’t scare me, well not too much anymore.

Stout doesn’t scare me, I flipping love stout, especially in December.

7.5% beers used to scare me but it is not unusual to have beers at this weight nowadays. So it’s almost par for the course.

So why was I scared?

I think all three of these things coming together did not help when added to the red on black label… it looks great, but it also looks very aggressive.

Anyway, what we have here is a drinkable, but not remarkable, Stout.

The nose is weak and the taste is strong, almost medicinal.  Dragon is thin in the mouth but once swallowed begins to fire. Chocolate hints and warming whiskey notes keep you interested in this brew. All said though this dark beer only makes it to the totally fine… but meh, beer bracket.

Jymi’s Rating: 63%


MOB review next weekend: ABBEY by MAD SQUIRREL

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