BREWER: Gipsy Hill, South London, England


ABV: 4.6%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @GipsyHillBrew

INSTAGRAM: gipsyhillbrew

DATE POSTED: 27th October 2017



So, we’ve all had those moments in our lives that will stick with us forever. Whether it be getting a shiny new bike for your birthday as a youngster, meeting a new addition to your family for the very first time or in my case being given a pair of multicoloured tie-dyed silk pyjamas as a teenager.

Life seemed so simple before these came into my possession but just by the sheer look of them I knew that there was a far more complex world out there for me to discover.

Fast forward 20 years and that complexity came to me under the guise of Hepcat by Gipsy Hill, and my, was I glad that it did…. This is one incredible tasting IPA! Simply stunning.

The look of the bottle, though pretty cool, didn’t do a lot for me if I’m honest but once involved with the actual beer itself it was only good news.

The smell is unassuming and pleasant. The initial taste is breathtaking (note: please don’t take breath whilst consuming). Taste overall is of complex citrus tones and is very good indeed.

Then comes the absolute pièce de résistance, it is soooo smooth! An absolute delight.

Hepcat is a major player when it comes to modern hipster IPA’s. It’s as complex as a pair of tie-dyed silk pyjamas and as smooth as a……. pair of tie-dyed silk pyjamas.


Jymi’s Rating: 80%



In recent years, the world has become awash with craft beers. You only have to walk down the beer aisle of any mainstream supermarket to see how this phenomenon has taken off. This is fantastic news for the consumer but brings struggles for the, often small-scale, brewers to find their place in this overcrowded and highly competitive market. To survive you have to be good…

It’s when you first pour Hepcat into a glass, and are hit by the tropical aromas, that you get an insight about the incredible taste journey you are about to be taken on. From the first sip to the last draining of the bottle, Hepcat is truly outstanding. It manages to pack a complex, fruity punch into every sip. The depth of flavours roll around the tongue and leave the drinker’s mouth wanting to go back for more straight away. And each time, you are never left disappointed.

Hepcat is a craft beer that packs a punch. This is one for all seasons, any time of the year. As soon as you (very quickly) empty one vessel, you’ll straight away be reaching for the next. It’s one of those – you’d be happy to have this as your forever beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 86%




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