BREWER: Two Cocks, Berkshire

STYLE: English Bitter

ABV: 3.8 %

VESSEL: 500ml bottle 




“Now what on earth do we have here”?  I thought to myself, staring at the bottle of Leveller whilst eating scrambled eggs at 5am on a Monday morning.

I knew I had a few days to get the review done so there was definitely no rush, but…

Day 2

I  sat down once again, this time with a bowl of  Rice Krispies, and stared this new feathered acquaintance straight in the proverbial eye and said, just what are you all about?

I got no answer…. Bit rude , I thought.

Days three and four, I have to say, were pretty similar to day two (other than the choice of breakfast).

Then came test day.. Friday.

I bowled in from work, said hello to the family and settled down to test. After all my musing I had finally decided that I was undecided…. as much as I loved the feather as part of the packaging there was something just a little pretentious about it.

The only way to get round whether the packaging was going to score zero or get full marks was this…

Before pouring this utterly fantastic ‘caramelly’ smelling ale into the glass, I decided to take my first sip from the bottle. If the feather tickled my nose in any way it was going to be a zero, if there was no hooter contact it would be a ten…. It was a ten. And let’s be honest, rightly so, it looks fantastic!

And so, on to the beer…

This is a total champion of an ale. My initial notes had the words POWER ALE written very heavily in 9B pencil and those words were not wrong. The lack of head once poured was a little odd I thought but the taste was fabulous. A classy yet classic Sunday bitter!

Fantastic beer, fantasic and individual packaging. Very well done Two Cocks, I must say.


TASTE: 40/50

NOSE: 8/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 4/5

J-TOTAL: 84/100



Every now and then you come across a beer you’ve never heard of, and that’s exciting enough. Even more rarely, you come across a beer that you’re just not sure what to make of before you even begin the tasting journey. Leveller fits into the latter of those categories. The packaging is the first point of trepidation: a feather secured into the label…

Once poured into the glass, it’s blatantly evident that this is a high quality bitter. It fills the nasal cavity with strong, chocolaty aromas that tempt you to drink straight away. The first sup is such a treat…smooth and complex. And the next one is no less disappointing, neither the one after that. Leveller achieves so much. It really is a joy to behold. Quite frankly, it’s a cracker of a beer.

In hindsight, had I been savvier, the feather is not a point of trepidation, it’s mark of small batch quality. Only an ale that is produced on a small scale could include a real feather in its packaging. Having the confidence to do so, highlights that the brewers have the highest belief in the quality of their product. And they are so right to do so. Leveller is unique, deep and keeps on coming. A must try for all beer drinkers. This beer deserves all accolades that are heaped onto it.


TASTE: 41/50

NOSE: 8/10




NAME: 5/5

INFO: 4/5

S-TOTAL: 85/100




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