BREWER: Goose Island, Illinois, USA


ABV: 5.9%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @GooseIsland

INSTAGRAM: gooseisland

DATE POSTED: 17th November 2017 





.a large/medium waterbird with a long neck, short legs (occasionally long), webbed feet, and a short broad bill. Generally geese are larger than ducks and have longer necks and shorter bills.


2. informal

 a foolish person. “‘Silly goose,’ he murmured fondly”

“WHO’S THE GOOSE”?  Eddie shouted brashly.


verb;  informal

1. poke (someone/something) in the bottom.


ale; definitely informal

1. A fantastic IPA. True story.


Well, for me the words beer and American together used to evoke a mild grin if not an hysterical laugh. The main protagonists that produced these facial movements still loom large, of course they do, and they probably always will, BUT we have a player in town that seems to know exactly what they’re doing.

This is one clever drink.

Is it an old trad IPA? No. Not even close.

Is it an NKOTB hipster super duper IPA? No. Not even close.

Is it absolutely marvellous? Yes. Yes it is.

Goose Island have nailed this!

I personally don’t even like the look of the bottle , but, it just works.

It’s modern without being hipster, it’s old ale without being a glass with a handle. It’s very clever and it get’s the thumbs up from Jymi.

Jymi’s Total: 81%



Goose IPA is an American interpretation of one of the British favourite beers: India Pale Ale. Crossing over between craft and big brewery, Goose has a lot to live up to – and boy does it live up to it. This is a uniquely identifiable beer that is worthy of carrying the IPA label, albeit with Goose Island’s own spin on it.

It’s probably fair to say that Goose IPA is aimed at satisfying both lager and bitter drinkers, and it does this with ease. The bitter notes of the taste are a surprise when they’re paired with the sweet aromas. The flavours have length and leave the drinker fully aware that they are drinking a high quality product. So that looks after the bitter drinkers. Lager drinkers are taken care of by the fizz of this beer and its ability to be drank all night long, without apparently breaking any rhythm. Goose IPA truly is a beer for all occasions and for all drinkers.

It is rare that you have such a successful cross-over beer in so many aspects. Goose Island have achieved something very special with their IPA. This beer runs through the beer checklist leaving a wake of ticks in its trail. Go on – you know you want one…

Sammy’s Total: 88%




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