Ok, so we’re a day late… two reasons.

1, We lost the test beer on day of test.

b, It’s so strong we kinda forgot to write about it once we had tried it.

c,  It’s Christmas 

Please accept apologies from the professional outfit that is MUSE ON BOOZE (and this was the week we were going to say tell your friends about us too!!)







BREWER: Goose Island, Illinois

STYLE: Stout

ABV: 14.3%

VESSEL: 1 pint .9 FL.OZ. (US) bottle




Blimey, just blimey…

Now this is not a drink you’ll ever ever grab a case of 24 of from your local Bargain Booze let me tell you. This is one immense drink.

It has left me wondering what on earth has just happened I have to be honest.

Whilst still trying to piece my life together I will try and convey my thoughts on this…

Looks so good and appealing AND high end!

At such a huge percentage I wondered what was going to happen here. Once opened things began to unravel.. MASSIVE NOSE of burnt vanilla, which I can’t say I actually enjoyed all that much.

Now, did I enjoy this stout once sipped…?   NO, was all too much for little Jymi.

It’s smooth as, but the taste is so extreme (without actually being strong) that it almost doesn’t taste like a drink that you know… and let’s be fair you probably don’t. I’m putting this in the bracket of ELITE DRINKS. 

It’s without a doubt made well but sorry to say it’s just not for me.

Right, I’m off for a Goose IPA….


TASTE: 24/50

NOSE: 5/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 1/5

J-TOTAL: 53/100




You can’t turn around at this time of year without being faced with the hype of Christmas.  And Goose Island has certainly built the hype around this stout.  The packaging is undeniably…well…awesome.  The name promises the world; who wouldn’t be sold with stout aged in bourbon casks?  Then you crack the lid, pour the contents into a glass and the aroma is simply incredible.  You get smacked around the face with a heady mixture of Marmite, port and stout – I know, it sounds like it wouldn’t smell particularly good, but it does.

Then to the taste…and it all falls down, just like the hype that’s built up at this time of year.  It comes crumbling down all too quickly.  It’s disappointing on so many levels and one could argue that it’s almost undrinkable.  No stout should taste like a mixture between port and a beer left to go flat over the course of a long Christmas lunch.  To me this is no stout.  This is a fail – in the words our YouTubing friends – an Epic Fail.  Let us not dwindle any more on this because it’s really not worth the time or head-space.

Goose Island produce some cracking beers.  Bourbon County comes nowhere near to their usually high standards.  To me, this is a gimmick and gimmicks don’t belong in the beer drinkers world.  It promises so much and delivers so little.  My advice to you – keep your money in your pocket, this ones not even worth a go!


TASTE: 2/50

NOSE: 10/10




NAME: 5/5

INFO: 1/5

S-TOTAL: 35/100





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