New Year, another beer!

Hope you enjoy and have a good weekend.




BREWER: Brixton Brewery, South London


ABV: 6.5%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle 




So you hop off the tube at Brixton and make your way towards the escalator. Once you’ve negotiated the wonder of these magical moving steps you find yourself at street level. Now outside you make your way left and when at frozen food giant Iceland, with a spring in your step you go left again. You find yourself in the iconic Electric Avenue. The Avenue that inspired Brixton Brewery to produce their Electric IPA. Electric Avenue is lively, in your face and quirky. Is Electric IPA?

Yes it is, simple as that.

The nose on this beer is massive, incredibly citrusy and distinctive. Though I didn’t find it at all unpleasant, I didn’t particularly like it either I have to say.

Taste wise, Electric is delivering! Strong (without being overpowering) and crisp, this is a beer that knows exactly what it is up to. I found it surprisingly smooth too considering it is very fizzy in the glass. Weighing in at 6.5% you wouldn’t say this would be one for a session, but it does slip down nice and easy I have to say. As long as you didn’t go at it like Usain Bolt on a pub crawl in Manningtree, Essex (most Pubs / Person apparently?) you could happily settle in to a fair few of these beauties.

For me, Electric is a very, very good tasting modern IPA with plenty of things going for it, but not totally out of this world.


TASTE: 39/50

NOSE: 6/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 4/5

J-TOTAL: 75/100




My first thought on Electric IPA was that with such a statement of a name, you’d better hope it’s good.  This was closely followed by my second thought: with packaging like that, you’d better hope it’s good.  And that would be a good place to start – the packaging.  Do I like it? Yea, I do.  While the bottle itself is nothing to write home about, the label speaks volumes.  It’s…well…electric.  To be fair, it fits where this beer is from perfectly: Brixton. 

So, the packaging is a hit. 

The nose – instantly a hit also.  Electric IPA has all the aromas one would hope for in a beer of such name and they are quite simply irresistible.  Their tropical edge tempt you into the sip…very, very quickly indeed. 

 Once that beer passes the threshold of your lips, you know that they were right to call this beer Electric IPA because that’s exactly what it is.  It’s an electric IPA.  The flavours are as intense and as satisfying as the label and the aroma.  This beer has bundles of length in its pinappley taste that could only come from a modern craft. 

All round cracking beer.  When drinking my notes read, “Anytime, anywhere.”  I wasn’t wrong then and I’m not wrong now.  Electric IPA is one to hunt out and devour.


TASTE: 43/50

NOSE: 9/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 3/5

S-TOTAL: 84/100






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