Evening all, welcome to the weekend and it’s off to the Jurassic coast we go!!

We also have the first ever Muse on Booze guest reviewer… He goes by the name of Tom Norton and word is he lives Dorset way. 





BREWER: Dorset Brewing Company, Dorset

STYLE: Pale Ale 

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml bottle 




I’m an Aleontologist not a Paleontologist so please forgive me if some of my upcoming dinosaur references are wrong and a few million years out…

I have to say this beer, packaging and taste wise, has left me as confused as a diplodocus that has just been clubbed round the head by a furious triceratops.

Let’s start with the look. I want to like it. I really, really do. But I don’t. There are so many things that are close to making me love the look of this bottle but it just misses the mark each time..

The giant T-Rex head on the side of the bottle, hate it. Don’t know why, just do.

The prehistoric play on words, this kind of stuff is right up my street normally, but I just didn’t get it!

DBC on the front of the bottle. Again, acronyms are my thing. In another life my nickname is AJ (acronym Jym) for crying out loud!! But D B C together as three letters just isn’t aesthetically pleasing for me.

My label was blurred. Even though I found this quite endearing as Dorset Brewing Company are not exactly a huge brewer, the label shouldn’t be blurred. If the labels come back from printing wrong, they go back, no matter how big or small you are.

I could have just been a bit of a grumpy guts on test day, I dunno…


Taste wise I did enjoy this brew but again left me in a state of dino confuzzelment.

Nose is pleasant enough though a little nondescript. Taste is very earthy and deep but then developed into a citrusy finish. Earthy and citrusy are both lovely in isolation but together I’m not so sure.

Overall this is a nice beer and though the packaging didn’t do it for me it is pretty cool and fun.

Fair play DBC 😉


TASTE: 28/50

NOSE: 6/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 5/5

J-TOTAL: 62/100




From the outset this beer hits the spot!

 Everything about it fits perfectly with what it is aiming to be: a small brewery belter of a beer.  

 To begin with the nose does not stand out, but neither is it offensive.  It’s everything that you’d expect in a golden ale.  And the taste is good too.  It’s pleasant and I, and many others, would be happy to spend an evening talking the night away with a good few Jurassics in hand.   They slip down very nicely and have a good golden ale taste, somewhat lacking in length. 

 But what’s great about this beer is the whole package and the story around it.  It’s bottled in a cracking way and speaks volumes about the fun brewery that it obviously comes from.  The label has tongue in cheek quips and is clearly printed small batch.  And that adds to the charm of this beer.

 This is one worth giving a go.  Search it out and find it if you can…


TASTE: 33/50

NOSE: 5/10




NAME: 5/5

INFO: 4/5

S-TOTAL: 74/100







It’s Christmas, a wonderful time of year with lots of opportunity to taste some great beers and not feel guilty about day time drinking. So me and a mate settled down to a few bottles of Jurassic.

However I feel this opportunity was slightly wasted by the beer we had chosen.

From the onset it didn’t look good. Both my bottle and Matt’s bottle had slightly different blurry labels that referenced it was from the Jurassic coast far more than necessary.

Blurred labels aside we cracked them open and went ahead with the tasting.

At first it was lovely. My initial thought was “what a nice smooth slightly hoppy tasting beer”.

On the nose I got a bit of apricot and some citrus but not a lot else.

The after taste I got was of overpowering hops however the taste isn’t bad. There’s a small zing at the end of fruitiness but the whole thing is just a bit flat for me.

Overall it’s a confused little beer and it is simply just painfully average.


TASTE: 35/50

NOSE: 3/10




NAME: 4/5

INFO: 5/5

TN-TOTAL: 65/100



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