BREWER: Moorhouse’s, Lancashire, England

STYLE: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Moorhousesbrew

INSTAGRAM: moorhousesbrew

DATE POSTED: 19th January 2018



Once again my wee brain has been on a rollercoaster ride of ultimate confusion, but this time for once I don’t believe it is my fault!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, let’s get to it…

Right, your archetypal witch (though of course one can come in many guises) would be and a wrinkly old boot with a broom stick, a black cat and black hair. So if we’re talking witches and ale you would probably be expecting a moody dark brew that you would probably tuck into on a stormy night if the power was out (enough of that, I’m scaring myself)…

However Moorhouse’s having cunningly thrown a ‘Blond’ in front of ‘Witch’, which instantly reduces the potential moodiness of this ale… BUT we then flick back to the overall look of the bottle and we are back to moody stormy nights once again. The only glimpse of some light is (who I am assuming is) THE Blond Witch (I do hope the brewers didn’t throw her in the vat to find out)?

So what beer came out once poured?

A ,not particularly nice smelling, Golden / Blond ale of course!

And to what really matters in all of this, the taste…

It’s really nice! It really is. I have to say I wasn’t expecting what I got for reasons stated above so it was a pleasant surprise to very much enjoy Blond Witch. The taste is moving towards lager which make’s it refreshingly crisp but does lack a certain smoothness because of this.

Even though the packaging doesn’t represent the ale at all well, I do quite like it’s almost medieval look in a strange way.

Wow, I’m going for a lie down. With the lights ON!

Jymi’s Rating: 66%



Blond Witch…hm…let’s be honest, not a good start with the name.  Hardly inspiring, it’s not a brand that would pique your interest on first reading.  One wouldn’t be blamed for walking past it and leaving it nestled on a shelf in a booze store slowly drawing towards its BBE date. 

 It gets no better with the packaging.  Again, the design of Blond Witch does nothing to tempt you to pull your hand from your pocket and wrap around the neck of one of these bad boys.

On opening you get the first hint of something rousing going on with this beer.  The smell that wafts from the bottle is very enticing indeed and has a variety of interesting notes.  The drinking of this beer is well worth overcoming the lackluster packaging: it’s a good ‘un.  In fact, this is a very good tipple indeed.  Its smooth and I would happily enjoy as a one off episode or as a series on which I’d enjoy in one evening.

 In short, sort out the packaging and we’re on to an all round winner.

Sammy’s Rating: 69%




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