BREWER: Dawkins, Bristol

STYLE: Chilli Chocolate Stout

ABV: 5.1%

VESSEL: 500ml bottle 

TWITTER: @dawkinsales



First things first, I had to overcome my prejudices about how a stout should be packaged up when I came across Holy Mole.  We are all used to funky designs adorning our pale ale and lagers these days – but a stout, a step too far maybe.

Second things second, I had to overcome my prejudices about how a stout should be brewed when I came across Holy Mole.  We are all used to a wide variety of flavours and hints being added to our lagers and pale ales – but chilli and chocolate in a stout, a step too far maybe.

I think you get the picture about my initial thoughts.  But let us get down to the business end – does Holy Mole stack up to be a worthy wearer of the stout name?

It most certainly looks like a stout and has some of the smells you might expect from a stout, but you most definitely get the hints of chocolate mixed in with the burnt tang.

Taking your first swig is interesting.  The stout flavouring is very thin.  It’s definitely there but it doesn’t last for long and, dare I say it the initial taste is quite watery.  Sweet notes of chocolate do play on your palate early on.  But the chilli kicks in after a second or two and it’s over-powering.  Not a very pleasant way to drink one’s stout I’m afraid.

Holy Mole lives up to it’s name in that it gives you a chilli kick.  But this is a gimmick of a beer.  For me, this is about the chilli and not about the brew. 


Sammy’s Rating: 43%



Hi there, my name is Jymi and I eat Habanero Peppers for breakfast.

I’m a spice head, I’ll admit it.

Every time I go to my local greasy spoon the Sicilian owner Franco will shout ”Hey Jymi, you want extra Tabasco yeah”? I’ll raise my hand and smile like the cool kid I am.

Every time I pop to my local Deli for lunch Michael asks me “Jalapenos in your sandwich sir”? I nod. He delivers. It’s a nice relationship that one.

Every time I order a curry from down the road for tea I ask if even the hottest of dishes can be spiced up a bit but they have still failed to take me down.

Spice, I love it. But do I want a warming Stout on a chilly Friday evening in December to actually be spicy? Quite honestly… no. If I get the flavour of chilli from HM I’ll be happy I’m sure but if it is actually spicy I may throw my glass against the wall in disappointment..

Here goes…

What the actual what??

The initial sip and taste we have here is pleasant enough, though the beer itself is certainly lacking a bit of body. But then…. OH BUT THEN!!!…… HOLY MOLÉ, in comes that chilli and wrecks it all! Look, it’s not blow your head off spicy as such but it is without packing chilli heat at the middle and end of every sip. It’s too much and I know that this is what this Stout is about but just kills anything decent it had going for it..

I didn’t throw my glass against the wall but it did however take me almost an hour to drink and that right there tells you all you need to know.

Holy Molé Batman…

Not for me Robin.

Jymi’s Rating: 50%





MOB review next weekend: DARKNESS by LOCH NESS BREWERY



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