BREWER: Electric Bear Brewing Co., Somerset 

STYLE: Porter

ABV: 4.7%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @ElectricBearUK



Sip 1: Huge taste explosion in mouth, missed every flavour that hit me due to the shock to the taste buds. Other stuff went on too but was left in such a state of wonder nothing registered.

Sip 2: Taste explosion again! And again missed everything else! Come on Jymi, you can do this man….

Sip 3: Less of an explosion but still a huge hit of flavour. Chocolate smacks for sure with cherry notes and as promised from the back of the tin a kind of biscuit tone. Then I noticed the switch in intensity of the flavour… then I quickly went in for my 4th sip.

Sip 4: Same hit of flavour as Sip 3 but my mind was now focused on this switch of flavour intensity after about 2 seconds.. and there it was. Inspector Remorse (hats off to which Electric Bear came up with that name!) goes from full on Chocolate attack up front to this mellow beautiful biscuit and coffee delight. And it was only after sip four that I suddenly picked IR’s sublime finale…

Sip 5: Initial sip intensity had dropped actually (though still delicious) but whatever, I WANT TO GET TO THE SUBLIME FINALE! The aftertaste of Inspector Remorse seems to be this infinite yet ever fading sort of coffee with cream heaven. INCREDIBLE.. I’m going again….

Sip 6: Same as five.

Sip 7: Same as six.


This is just a fantastic work of art, and I’m not even talking about the can.

Case Closed.

Jymi’s Rating: 86%



First up, what a fantastic name for a porter, which is backed up by great packaging.  Who couldn’t help but love the name Inspector Remorse?  It’s unique and Electric Bear Brewing Co. has done a phenomenal job on the marketing front with this porter.  It really moves away from the typical image of old-fashioned beer and this modern, craft revamp of a traditional beer is exciting.  We all know there are traditionalists out there who will turn their nose up at this, but the fact is that there is room for both modern and tradition in the market place.  There’s no doubt that Inspector Remorse is aimed at the craft market. 

Let’s hope then, that this porter is as strong on the inside as it is on the outside.

The nose gives us the first insight into the ‘inside’.  There are the exact notes that one would expect from a porter, with malted barley front stage, chocolate stage right and biscuit stage left.  It’s a reassuring aroma and gives a strong hint to a great drinking experience.

Inspector Remorse is a great porter to drink.  It ticks all of the boxes.  It’s very light but has strong up front flavours of dark chocolate, that are supported by short bitter after notes.  All in all, it is a very well balanced porter and highlights that Electric Bear Brewing Co. really do know how to brew.  The mouth feel is perfect.  All of this leads to a very easy drinking experience and a porter that is actually incredibly refreshing.

It’s all very well having unique, bold packaging but that needs to be backed by a great product.  And that is exactly what we have in Inspector Remorse.  It’s got everything going for it.  If you’ve never tried a porter before, this is your way in…

Sammy’s Rating: 90%









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