BREWER: West Berkshire Brewery, Berkshire, England 

STYLE: Best Bitter 

ABV: 4%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @westberksbrew 

INSTAGRAM: westberksbrew

DATE POSTED: 18th January 2019


There’s nothing quite like an old pair of slippers.  They’re homely, comforting and they always make you feel that little bit better. They keep you grounded and you know exactly where you stand with them (no pun intended).  And the things that would ordinarily bother you with aged clothing, such as a slightly off putting aroma, well, you can turn a blind eye to with such faithful footwear.  

Good Old Boy is exactly like the aforementioned old pair of slippers.  The packing is very old school – and in this case it is pulled off with aplomb.  It doesn’t feel out of place; it feels perfect for the product.

Ok, the nose, just like old slippers, could be better but there are hints of caramel and burnt chocolate.  But this is a best bitter we are talking about here.  Just like those slippers, once you are fully immersed in Good Old Boy all it’s strengths shine through.  It’s light and refreshing and oodles smoothness.  The after-taste is very short, which isn’t a bad thing.  

Although this is a cracking winter (or all year to be fair) ale, it lacks a little bit of weight in its flavour.  So although it is exactly like a pair of old slippers, it’s not like your favourite old slippers.  

However, get yourself tucked into one of these and you’ll feel very at home and very happy.

Sammy’s Rating: 77%


Good Old Boy.

Great Old Boy.

Flippin’ Excellent Old Boy.

Guess which one of the above best describes Good Old Boy? I’ll give you clue…. It’s not Good Old Boy.

Confused? Yeah, so am I… But this beer from start to finish is most definitely not.

The packaging though not striking in any way is nigh on perfect. From font, to colour to ratios this is just a fantastic looking bottle of best.

The nose gives off that most delicate but lively scent of… about to have a decent pint.

The smoothness and lightness of this brew is just exceptional. Every single sip just glides down like Alberto Tomba on his way to Gold /  the bar at the bottom of the slope.

And the taste, the taste is just superb. Of course the flavours of GOB are more suited to the country pubs of the home counties of England rather than the pre, mid or après ski bars of Piz Bernina but nonetheless… It tastes FANTASTIC.

A job mightily well done West Berkshire Brewery.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



MOB review next weekend: OLD SPECKLED HEN by MORLAND

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