BREWER: Brouwerij Bliksem, North Brabant 


ABV: 7.1%

VESSEL: 33cl bottle

TWITTER: @BliksemBier



Kermis in De Ale is very very dark, just as it says on the bottle.  It looks like a stout once in the glass, a cousin of a stout if you will.  

The aromas are mainly earthy, sweet and nutty.  The best comparison I can think of is like a forest floor after rain. And if you’re wondering whether or not I like the smell of a forest floor after rain – I do.

The colour of Kermis and the smell don’t quite marry up.  They are not happy bed friends.  They are jarring with one another and it’s a combination that is slightly unnerving.  Nobody wants an unnerving combination with their beer.  At least, I don’t.

The mismatch continues into the taste.  There are sweet beginnings with a bitter liquorice aftertaste.  While it’s not altogether undrinkable, it’s a little odd and very uninspiring.  

Kermis, to summarise, is an odd concept of a beer, which will without doubt have it’s fans.  I’m just not one of them.  

That’s not to say it’s not worth a try though.  

Sammy’s Rating: 60%



I’m not overly sure what the marketing team over at Bliksem were up to with the labelling of KIDA…

Was it, let’s make it neon pink to really stand out from the crowd?

Was it, let’s make the font so pointy that the crowd in the beer aisle may trip over it?

Either way, for MOBJymi this is an absolute disaster when it comes to the look of a beer bottle. Don’t get me wrong though, it has intrigued me no end. Add in the fact I’ve never had a Black IPA before and the intrigue grows higher. But from a visual alone I have to say this is not a good start for this Ale in Pink…

However once the lid was off and my hooter got round it things began to look up.. The chocolate / coffee / nutty nose brought forward what could only be described as a stout / porter / IPA hybrid thought. Possibly not surprising seeing as it’s described as a Black IPA. And in the drinking of Kermis In De Ale the nose most certainly transferred to the taste.. A very smooth coffeesque (I put it to you to spell coffeesque correctly!!) IPA. Pretty good you know. The fact that this little tiger is 7.1% actually passed me by. It certainly tastes strong, but not THAT strong.

In conclusion KIDA looks s#*t, smells fantastic and tastes good.

Jymi’s Rating: 64%




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tanglefoot pre



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