BREWER: Davo Bieren, Overijssel


ABV: 7.5%

VESSEL: 33cl bottle


INSTAGRAM: davobieren 



Davo – ridiculous name for a beer.

Davo – appalling packaging, into which no thought has been put.   Poor colour scheme that is very outdated.

Davo – pulls on the salvia glands and sucks the life out of them so that the mouth is left incredibly dry.

Davo – Sharp taste when drinking, which is like paint stripper for the tongue.

Davo – not too much going for it.

Davo – it’s not the beer for Samo!

Sammy’s Rating: 44%



It’s hard to get excited about a beer that externally looks like it has been discarded at an inner city bus stop by a drunken old goat. But here we have it, the IPA from Davo Beiren staring at me, and I was definitely not excited to be on the brink of testing it, I can tell yee. The fact that this ale was 7.5%, along with the look of the bottle only added to my dread and took my thoughts back to the soppy goat that chucked his beer at the bus stop. I was not feeling this at all I have to say.

But, after a fair amount of staring back at Davo I PA from afar it was time to pull myself together and get on with the task in hand.

On closer inspection of the bottle the finer detail of the label was actually quite cool, bringing an almost North West African vibe to the table. But there was still no getting away from it, the packaging was shockingly unappealing. Look, there are plenty of beers out there with poor packaging that taste great and conversely there are some incredibly dressed up beers out there that just fail to deliver. But there is still no getting away from it, if the bottle looks bad the appeal to the drinker to drink it has to dip.

When at last pouring my D’IPA from its murky brown bottle into my freshly dishwashed then hand polished glass things began to look up and my excitement began to grow. The nose coming off from this brew was lovely. A real malty but citrus whiff made its way to me and suddenly dread was replaced with intrigue. The look of this beer in the glass was also a delight which helped morale even further.

Now the drinking of this ale was actually very pleasant, a citrus yet malty taste as you would expect from an IPA. There was also bags of carbonation but somehow Davo remained smooth enough when chugging down. So I’ll state now that I enjoyed the taste of this IPA, the only trouble is THIS IS NOT AN IPA. Where did the hops go? There is literally no hop tone to this beer at all.

Pleasant. Disappointing. Fraudulent.

Jymi’s Rating: 60%




MOB review next weekend: KAPER by BROUWERIJ HOOP



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