BREWER: Brouwerij HOOP, North Holland


ABV: 6.4%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

TWITTER: @BrouwerijHoop

INSTAGRAM: brouwerij_hoop




Kaper translated loosely from Dutch to English means Pirate.
Now, I’m not saying my father in law hires canoes and then patrols the Thames with sinister intent looking for unsuspecting river dwellers to broadside and then pilfer their picnic. Nor am I saying that he sails off the coast of East Africa trying to spot vulnerable out of town ocean goers to relieve them of their gold. NOR am I saying that he has spent time on the Caribbean seas in a schooner waiting to pounce on a vessel carrying supplies. But I AM saying that he is a pirate, a proper full on pirate. I mean he has a beard named Mr Tuffty for crying out loud and it doesn’t get more pirate than that now does it?! Now I know I am not blood related to this legend of a man but I am part of his family so I’m kind of thinking that makes me part pirate doesn’t it? I do currently own a beard, I do love a rum and I also have holes in my ears on top of the ones that Gawwwd gave me. So I reckon I’m part pirate.

Now with a beer named (so brilliantly may I add) Pirate I’m looking for certain characteristics in look and taste to back this name up. I want the bottle to be rugged and piratey. And I want the taste to be strong with bags of character.

Visually, as much as I like the look of the bottle, I really do… it’s a bit soft and not all up in yo face like it maybe should be donning such a name. On the label there are a brace of galleon rolling on the high sea which I suppose is pretty pirate like but it’s not as angry and scary as it maybe should be. The skull centrepiece looks like it’s wearing a fez too, which is odd.
The taste is one of a bitter orange with a bitter pine taste to finish. But most importantly, the taste is strong and robust. VERY PIRATY INDEED! The nose I might add is terrible which again backs up this Pirate theme! Well done… I think.

All in all we have a very enjoyable IPA here that is stacked full of character and all packaged up in a thoroughly pleasant bottle with a chest load of info on it.
We’re not full on Pirate mode with Kaper but more like nice Pirate mode.
Which brings us seamlessly back round to my father in law… The nice Pirate.

Jymi’s Rating: 71%



Hoop’s Kaper has an interesting look, which is somewhere in between old school European beer and modern craft. For me, it works. It looks classy and has bags of cleverly placed information on the label all of which is done so in a neat way. And what all of this leads to is a very tempting proposition, one which I really hope delivers…
The first thing to note on opening is this is very lively and you’ll do well not have some overspill on lifting the lid. Proceed with caution. However, what this means is that Kaper looks great in the glass. The head sets off the deep amber colour and it’s a real tempter.
The nose is light but has hints of sour citrus. This almost carries through into the taste, which is a little like grapefruit upfront followed by a short after taste of a dry wine. While this might sound not too good, it actually works really well. It gives Kaper a very light feel and it’s crisp in the mouth.
Kaper would be welcome on many occasions. It’s well branded and works well to drink. All in all, this is definitely a Continental brew but with a good hint of modernity. It makes me happy and takes me to good places.


Sammy’s Rating: 79%




MOB review next weekend: COPPER by WIMBLEDON BREWERY



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