BREWER: Wimbledon Brewery, South-West London

STYLE: Red Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @WimbledonBrew

INSTAGRAM: wimbledonbrewery 



Sometimes things are different from what they appear.
Copper is a North American red ale. It most certainly looks like a red ale, so this is not a case of something being different in its appearance to ones expectations.
But where Copper does differ in its expectation is its smell. You see Copper has a tropical, sweet smell and this is not what one would expect. It’s not the marriage you’d be looking for but it actually works. And I have to say, this nose busting experience pleasantly surprised me.
Some of that sweetness translates into its flavour. There is a hint of tropicalness on the palate, which echos some modern IPAs, but it doesn’t last long. It’s soon replaced by short spice aftertaste, which also very quickly disappears. This is where Copper comes a little unstuck as although there is good flavour there it’s a little too quick on the taste buds.
One of the best things about Copper is the dry finish that each sip ends with. It almost cleans the palate and gets you ready for the next sip. And then the process begins again. Before you know it, the can is finished and well, you’re ready for the next.
It’s fair to say that Copper is a very refreshing beer. It’s easy to drink and there’s a place for it in ones beer repertoire. A little more lingering of the flavour could elevate Copper to the exceptional level.


Sammy’s Rating: 76%




4.5% you say Wimbledon brewery?

Ok then.

So why oh why whilst gently sipping this brew and reading the info put forward on the tin can I not actually make out what you guys have written?

  1. Am I too drunk? I’d say no after two sips, though it has been a very long week :/
  2. Have my eyes just gorn generally nowadays?
  3. Have you just printed the abundance of information way too small?

The answer is 3.. (I hope anyway).

Also, when it came to the packaging generally it got me in a wonder as to why I didn’t particularly like it… considering I quite liked it! After a fair bit of musing I worked it out. It was the copper section around the top of the tin. Disaster stuff. Without that this pin striped packaged Red Ale would look super classy but as it is… it doesn’t.

A final thought on the external, the griffin like being rising from what I hope is a hop is great! However the regurgitation of an over sized sprig of rye is disconcerting to say the least.

Anyway, let us get the internal external.

Oh no, I’m off straight back to the tin design. Reason being is it’s such a shame that Wimbledon Brewery stuck the copper at the top of the can thus reducing the class of this brew…. Because on tasting Copper, this sucker is oooozing class!!

It’s so so soft and delicate. Super light to drink and just great. There isn’t a huge flavour hit or anything complex going on but that doesn’t matter as this is just such a tidy, smart and neat brew. Well worth a try I have to say.

Wimbledon Brewery you have done a smashing job with this American Red Ale, just have a word with the team who are in charge of the upper 20% of the tin design yeah?

Jymi’s Rating: 79%






WHITE BIRD: @museonbooze

THE INSTA: muse.on.booze






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