BREWER: Malt Coast Brewey, Norfolk

STYLE: Amber Ale

ABV: 4.7%

VESSEL: 330ml bottle

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Good ale this I have to say.

Very dark pour for an amber which took me aback. Also the nose though actually very pleasant was very, very faint. Add this to packaging that doesn’t draw the eye nor say to the consumer… GRAB ME.

So it wasn’t until I actually sipped this beer that I started to get excited. So light, so delicate, she is a delight. The taste is of semi sweet malt that is then finished off by a soft bitter hop after taste. What is clever about MCAA is that it would fit into the majority of drinking situations.

Hot Summers day? Yes, due to how light and soft it is.

Chilly Winters evening? Yes, due to the warming malty nature of the taste.

Swifty after work? Yes, due to it tasting great.

Long session in a rustic pub? Yes, due to it’s warming nature again but predominaly because it’s so light and smooth you could drink it for hours if not days or possibly even months.

Few quick ones in a snazzy bar? Yes, the taste though soft is great so three or four of these would satisfy the drinker due how generally enjoyable it is.

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised as the lead up was not inspiring..

The bottle though not at all bad hasn’t got a lot going for it. I like the art work however.

As mentioned, the nose is weak and the colour surprising.

So when it came to the drinking of this all round understated ale it was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

CALLING ALL BEER HUNTERS… Go find and consume, you will not be disappointed.

Jymi’s Rating: 77%



Some facts on Malt Coast and on one of it’s core beers, Amber Ale: 

  1. Malt Coast is not actually a real place, so don’t try to Google it.
  2. The label on this fella is packed with loads of great facts.
  3. There’s a painting on the logo.  It might be by someone famous but it might not.  It’s probably of a Malt Coast.  But this is a beer review, so enough of that.
  4. Amber Ale is described by Malt Coast as a sundowner.  I assume they mean it’s great for drinking at sundown and not that it will actually make the sun fall out of the sky.
  5. When in the glass, Amber Ale is definitely amber.  I like that.
  6. It smells nice and light and is definitely a great balance of hops and malt on the nose.  Makes me want to drink it.
  7. When I do start drinking it, I want to keep drinking it because it’s a very well balanced beer.
  8. This is one of the best amber ales I’ve had.  It bridges modern and old brews incredibly skillfully.
  9. All beer drinkers should try Amber Ale by Malt Coast.
  10. It’s a great beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 86%




MOB review next weekend: BOSTON TEA PARTY by BAD CO. 


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