BREWER: Young’s, South-West London

STYLE: Blond Ale

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 500ml

TWITTER: probably under Marstons

INSTAGRAM: youngsbeers



This is a poor effort from start to finish from this iconic London brewery that has lost it’s soul over the past years and I have to say it shows in this beer.

I used to associate Young’s and their Ram Brewery with good quality no frills brews that just delivered time and time again. Young’s brewed possibly one of the first ales I ever consumed properly by way of purchasing at a pub. I was cutting about in Kew when the reason I wasn’t driving was not because I was drinking (if you know what I mean). I remember enjoying the Young’s run pub very much and chilling outside in a beer garden supping on Young’s ales and thinking, ‘this is bloomin nice you know’.

So to say I was disappointed with pretty much everything on offer here from London Gold was pretty accurate.

The packaging is limp and lifeless. Just because you stick a few silhouetted landmarks on the label doesn’t automatically mean the packaging will pass muster. Especially if those landmarks are geographically inaccurate as well looking like knock off imitations of what they are supposed to be representing. The colouring and fonts used are also a shambles. Where’s the effort? Where’s the passion? Where’s the soul?

The ale itself really is nothing special. In fact it is nowhere near special… it’s somewhere between very average and awful.

The nose though floral and zesty has a background hint of spilt petrol on a fuel station forecourt. Not too sure where that sits on the aroma wheel?

Once in further London Gold really did start to get to the point of letting me down. I’ll do a list (I love a bloody list I do)…

Harsh in mouth.

Faint taste of hops.

Faint bitter tone.

Faint citrus back drop.

Weak to finish.

Aftertaste almost non-existent.


If you’re looking for positives.. there are none.

I can’t help but feel if this beer had been developed in it’s original SW London home it would never have made it off the testing table, out the door and to the consumer.

Not good enough.

Jymi’s Rating: 44%



In the glass, Young’s London Gold looks exquisite. However, to get to this stage, you have to overcome a bit of a tough psychological journey. You see, the washed out sky blue look with a silhouette of London and black lined gold writing is not what one might expect from the giant that Young’s is. I’m not sure where they are trying to pitch this beer, but it doesn’t work for me…and I’m not sure that it would work for my dad either…
But let us pick up from that look in the glass. The blonde colour is fantastic and its aroma is light on the nose, and while it doesn’t set the world on fire is very pleasant indeed.
But the real surprise with LG is that it is zesty and crisp on the palate. Where it’s pitched is somewhere in between a lager and a more traditional ale. It makes for very pleasant drinking, which is well balanced and not too heavy on the hops. It’s quite the surprise, and one which would be enjoyable one after another.
Young’s have produced a great beer in London Gold. It is well brewed and is incredibly light on the palate. It’s not quite marketed in the right way, and if this were to be nailed on, then we have a very strong beer on our hands. Unfortunately, first impressions are long lasting and the first impression with London Gold is a long way off of strong.


Sammy’s Rating: 71%




MOB review next weekend: FAR BEYOND by ODYSSEY BREW CO.


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