BREWER: By The Horns, South West London


ABV: 4.3%

VESSEL: 330ml tin 

TWITTER: @ByTheHornsBrew

INSTAGRAM: bythehornsbrew



Austin Powers would be down and groovy with a beer named Hopadelic. So would a rabbit that liked beer, come to think of it. But with Hopadelic the question isn’t one of Mike Myers or bunnies, but rather, has The Horns Brewing Company produced something that would be at home in the 60s with the psychedelic scene? Or is it more suited to be in the cup holder of Mystery Incorporated’s van alongside an oversized baguette (or sub)?
It most certainly fizzes up like it’s been on an erroneous ghost chase in the hands of crime busting goodies. The fizzy bubbles give off a strong hoppy aroma. And those same bubbles give a very refreshing feeling in the mouth. They would, however, leave you with the impression that you’ve polished off two companion, giant subs if you had too many Hopadelic’s in a row.
Although the hops are definitely there, it’s quite weak in the after taste and is more fizz than anything else. So the delic bit, is unfortunately well and truly absent.
In conclusion, I’m afraid it’s definitely not a beer for a long 60s acid inspired session!


Sammy’s Rating: 61%



It must have been early November 1992 when the boy Jymi shared a set of earphones with his then buddy Ted. Ted had a walkman the lucky so ‘n’ so and not just any walkman no, he had the Sony Sports Walkman all dressed up in brilliant yellow. Ted pressed play and my world changed forever….


It was the most unbelievable sound of Suck my Kiss by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I immediately fell in love. This prompted me to hassle my Mum non stop for a few weeks to buy me not only Blood Sugar Sex Magik (the album Suck my Kiss is on) but also the then recently released What Hits!? (a completion album made up mainly of their previous slightly lesser known work). Once me Mam eventually succumbed I got to work on flooding my intrigued little brain with these tunes. After some research it turned out that the tracks on the compilation album that I was most drawn to were the ones from the 1985 album Freaky Styley. This drew me to the producer of this album… George Clinton… and this drew me to Funkadelic ( the band George was kinda involved in ;0) ) and ultimately funk in general.

The funk was in me and the rest as they say, is history.


It’s probably fair to say that I’m a fan of a hop too? I mean, I co write for a non multi award winning beer blog for s*#ts sake?!?


Now, I used to often lay awake in bed at night wondering what would happen if somehow, just somehow, Hops and Funkadelic could be combined….. and then after what seemed like an infinite wait, By The Horns sent the Mothership and delivered me and the world.… HOPADELIC.

So I pulled the 1971 album Maggot Brain from it’s sleeve, cued up the track Wars of Armageddon and poured myself a glass of this session IPA…

Ok, first up there is no missing the incredible pineapple aroma that this beer emits… it is an absolute delight and basically says to the drinker, “Stop messing about and have a sip”. So I did as I was told and jumped right on in.

Baaaaam! Bags and bags of flavour coming from this cat. Hopadelic hits you up with a lovely dry mouth feel with a tour bus load of bitter but somehow tropical hits that build to a classic IPA finish. You could drink this brew well into the night too and it wouldn’t miss a beat.

This brewery from South West London have taken the proverbial bull By The Horns and delivered an absolute funkateer of a beer, you hear!

Get it. Get it down. Then get on down.

Jymi’s Rating: 88%



MOB review next weekend: LONDON GOLD by YOUNG’S












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